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Lightning Blaze's Scripts and Code

Welcome to my scripts and code blog. As time goes on I will post little cool linux scripts and sometimes useful code snippets or general tech tips for fun or to help others.

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Memo, My first linux script

on Mar 10, 2016 ·

So, I have always had a need to have a quick, easy, note taking application for my Linux command prompt. So, I created Memo. Memo has 6 simple commands - edit, append, list, print, delete, and purge. It allows you to edit your memos, quickly add a line at the end, list all the memos you have, print the contents of a memo, delete a memo, and purge all memos. You can find the script on my script hosting site here:
NOTE: Some users are getting issues with opening the link - It seems to be currently working on the proxy at: http://bit.no.com:43110/16W7tzRzRy19PFDXAUQvc29TL3GosPdC3Z/memo.txt

This is my first script - So please give feedback in the comments

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Time for me to get to work

on Mar 03, 2016

As time goes on, I am going to post any scripts I create to make my life on Linux easier on here, as well as any of my programs I create to learn c++ and other languages. It might be a bit till I post my first stuff, so please be patient. Feel free to provide feedback on how I can make my scripts more efficient as time goes on.

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