One on One

Our one on one service will get you started in the cryptocurrency world with confidence. You will learn;

  • A brief history of CryptoCurrencies.
  • How CryptoCurrency work.
  • The differences between wallets.
  • Best security practices and why.
  • The future of CryptoCurrencies.
  • What this means for you.

Get ahead of the curve. Learning about CryptoCurrencies now, will open many possibilities in your future.

Make an appointment today.

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Paper Wallet

Our paper wallet service uses an air gaped computer and printer. Air gaped means no way to connect to the outside world; NO Internet, NO wifi, NO bluetooth, NO cell, guaranteed. Our laser printed paper wallets are guaranteed safe, printed on hard stock paper. We offer paper wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. The paper wallets will be mailed to you directly, anywhere in the world.

Example Paper Wallets

To order paper wallets.

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Private Key Storage

Get added peace of mind with our off-line private key storage service. We can keep a copy of your encrypted database, in case of catastrophes such as computer failure, fire, theft...

Your encrypted database can also be included as part of your estate. Simply add instructions to your Will and instructions for us to release the encrypted database.

    We will show you:
  • How to setup your encrypted database.
  • Best security practices and why.

Setup a Private Key Storage.

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Coming Soon

Point of Sale

This service will help businesses integrate cryptocurrencies with their existing Point of Sale system or can be setup independently.

Group/Staff Training

Our training service will get your group ready for the cryptocurrency world. We will also show your staff how to use the Point of Sale system you chose.

Community 2.0

Help find and introduce ways of connecting North Easten Ontario communities through the blockchain technology such as crowd funding for causes that matter to our northern communities, building a real infrastructure for the north that has been neglected by several of our Provincial Governments. CryptoCurrencies will revolutionize the way business interacts throughout our northern communities.

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