A JavaScript to CoffeeScript compiler. Open this site in your computer for a demo.

http://js2.coffee npm install -g js2coffee

JavaScript Type here

 * Welcome to the new js2coffee 2.0, now
 * rewritten to use the esprima parser.
 * try it out!
function listen (el, event, handler) {
  if (el.addEventListener) {
    return el.addEventListener(event, handler);
  } else {
    return el.attachEvent("on" + event, function() {
      return handler.call(el);

CoffeeScript output


JavaScript Preview via CoffeeScript


js2coffee v2.1.0 released Jul 3, 2015

See the changelog for details. Feel free to report any issues you encounter.

npm install -g js2coffee
JavaScript to CoffeeScript compiler.
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