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Wiki help

To help you navigate this wiki there is a Home and Index button in every page. Feel free to click any link you see in the texts too, they will take you to magic places.

Blue links will take you to existing pages which already have content and intersting things for you to read. On the other hand, red links will lead you to pages that do not exist yet, you will be able to add content and write some spells to create them.

Most of the pages in this wiki are editable too! just look for the Edit button if you feel the urge to modify what you are reading. This is a collaborative tool for shared knowledge, improve the contents, show your kung-fu, and the community will be grateful forever with dances and songs to remember your feat.

Text editing

This wiki uses Markdown to format the texts, use it to add titles, to make your text bold or to add links to external resources.

To create links to new or existing pages in this wiki, just use double square brackets around words like in [[this example]]. The wiki will auto-magically convert it to wiki-links. It will also detect if the page already exists and use the corresponding color to display the link.

Final words

No, just kidding. Now go and enjoy the wiki!

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