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The Darknet Project

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The Darknet Project // FAQs about DNP

on Jun 04, 2016 ·

This is the ZeroBlog for the DNP

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what's the DNP?
The Darknet Project is a protest, is a right, is a concept related to free speech and international freedom. We are providing free hidden services to fight anti-censorship, we support people unable to speak up freely, censored information, and we are against any form of oppression, tyranny, masses control, filtered and altered information: here you will find your voice, here you will be free to tell your truth.

Why we do that?
We strongly believe in freedom of speech and international freedom all around the world and the net

Are we Anonymous or some related to the Anonymous Hacktivists/Activists?
No! we're an indipendent project. Also if we probably support (trough our free hidden services) many anonymous #Ops we're not in any way linked, connected or taking part to any Anonymous Collective/Operation

Are Services really totally free?
Absolutly yes. We don't ask nothing, all services are 100% free. The only we ask you is to never forget that with your goodwill and your idea you'll be able to change the world

Are we linked or connected to Politics or Companies contests?
NO! We are a couple of free guys from the free world that use own money time and passion to set-up this project. This project is self-sponsored and we haven't any partners or donors

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