CMD Tools

Name Parameters Description
aes[-d|-e] [pass] [source] [target]AES encryption
brieflz[-c|-d] [source] [target]BriefLZ Compressor/Decompressor
changeexeicon[iconfile] [infile] [outfile]Change the icon of an exe file
closewindow[windowtitle]Close the specified window
consolelocate[X] [Y]Move the cursor to the given position
crc32[file|-s string]Calculate the CRC32-checksum
download[URL] [target]Internet file download
downloadheader[URL] {target}Download the HTTP header of the given URL
filebrowse[title] [default file] ... Browse for files
flashwindow[title] [count] [timeout] [flag] [background]Flash a window
folderbrowse[title] [initial folder]Browse for folder
getlanguage[-s|-u]Detect system/user language
getmimetype[extension]Detect the mime type of the given extension
getparentprocessname{-h|-v}Retrieve the name of the parent process
getparentprocesspid{-h|-v}Retrieve the ID of the parent process
getspecialfolder[value]Retrieve special folder
hidewindow[windowtitle]Hide the specified window
iconextractor[infile.exe] {outpath}Extract exe-icons
inkey{-h|-v}Wait for a key to be pressed
inputbox{-m} [title] [text] [def. input]Input box
join-and-split[-j|-s] [file] [outpath.] {size}Join and split file(s)
lzma[-c|-d] [source] [target]LZMA Compressor/Decompressor
makeadmin[infile] [outfile] {-d}Add an administrator manifest to the exe
maketoolwindow[windowtitle]Window to toolwindow
maskedinput[title]Masked text input
maximizewindow[windowtitle]Maximize the specified window
md5[file|-s string]Calculate the MD5-checksum
messagebox[title] [text] {flagnr.}Display a messagebox
minimizewindow[windowtitle]Minimize the specified window
mouse[Click]Simulate mouse clicks
movewindow[X] [Y]Move a window
osversion{-h|-v}Detect the operation system
play{-f} [file]Simple Media Player
rc4[password] [infile] [outfile]RC4 encryption
record[seconds] [outfile]Sound recorder
resizewindow[title] [X] [Y] [width] [height]Resize window
savefiledialog[title] [default file] ... Open a dialog to save a file
screenshot[X] [Y] [width] [height]Screenshot utility
sendkey[key]Simulate special keys
sendkeys[option] [text]Simulate text
setcursorposition[X] [Y]Change the cursor position
setforegroundwindow[windowtitle]Set the foreground window
setwindowtitle[windowtitle] [new title]Set the windowtitle
setwindowtransparency[windowtitle] [value]Set the transparency of a window
sha1[file|-s string]Calculate the SHA1-checksum
sha2[file|-s string]Calculate the SHA2-checksum
sha3[file|-s string]Calculate the SHA3-checksum
showwindow[windowtitle]Show the specified window
sleep[milliseconds]Suspend execution
speak[-t text|-f filename]Speak text/filecontent
url-de-encoder[-d|-e] [Url]URL De-/Encoder
webserver[base directory] {port}Http web server
windowontop[windowtitle]Make the window stay on top
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