CHP Chopper Hexamine Perchlorate synthesis
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ZeropyroPublished on Jun 19, 2019
CHP was developed in 2015 as an ecological replacement for primary blends in some applications. Its production is without the use of poisons, carcinogenic substances and strong acids and without difficult available compounds. Also preparation in close jar is without smell. The resulting substance is also not toxic. Material has low sensitivity to friction, but responds well to glowing fiber, laser, or fire. On open area this substance burn only. In a closed cavity, the burning passes to supersonic speed. At high density 1,85 - 1,91 g/cc provide pressure of gases 25 GPa (250 000 Bar). Speed of wave at high density can be up to 7500 m/s. Therefore CHP can replace also secondary materials. Is possible his used as monomaterial in one device without next compounds. Confirmed is storage without changes of properties 1 year in closure glass jar at 15 Celsius. Developed in Liptakov Lab. 2015. CHP can also be prepared from 10g TACP + 1.5g hexamine under the same conditions as in the video
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