NaClO4 from NaClO3 via acetone
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ZeropyroPublished on Jun 19, 2019
And when finally fail all of your attempts with electrodes? How to make perchlorates? This video will rescue you. Dont forget on download. The easiest and fastest way was chosen. Which will provide perchlorate in a matter of hours. Without expensive platinum electrodes. Without problematic PbO2 electrodes. No diaphragm and other incredibly complex and demanding devices. This method can not be used for KClO3 = KClO4 because it has different solubility. However, from NaClO4 is possible easy do it HClO4, NH4ClO4, KClO4, LiClO4 and nexts. For dilluting you use pure acetone. Commerce acetone is contaminated of the naphtha or some fat about 1%. Caution: NaClO4 is extremely hygroscopic. You can see, that 3 rd sample is not pure NaClo4. Too much yellow color you can see on the white ceramic surface.
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