CHP Chopper Hexamine Perchlorate synthesisZeropyro - on Jun 19, 2019
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CHP was developed in 2015 as an ecological replacement for primary blends in some applications. Its production is without the use of poisons, carcinogenic substances and strong acids and without difficult available compounds. Also preparation in close jar is without smell. The resulting substance is also not toxic. Material has low sensitivity to friction, but responds well to glowing fiber, laser, or fire. On open area this substance burn only. In a closed cavity, the burning passes to supersonic speed. At high density 1,85 - 1,91 g/cc provide pressure of gases 25 GPa (250 000 Bar). Speed of wave at high density can be up to 7500 m/s. Therefore CHP can replace also secondary materials. Is possible his used as monomaterial in one device without next compounds. Confirmed is storage without changes of properties 1 year in closure glass jar at 15 Celsius. Developed in Liptakov Lab. 2015. CHP can also be prepared from 10g TACP + 1.5g hexamine under the same conditions as in the video
HClO4 Perchloric Acid synthesisZeropyro - on Jun 19, 2019
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Exist a lot methodes of prepare HClO4. But this provide pure product in easy way and short time. HClO4 we usually not needed. We need only his salts. Especially NH 4 ClO 4. Here is the procedure reversed. HClO4 is produced from NH4ClO4. Only very poorly soluble AP remains in solution. When cooled to -18 Celsius, 99.9% AP is precipitated.
NaClO4 from NaClO3 via acetoneZeropyro - on Jun 19, 2019
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And when finally fail all of your attempts with electrodes? How to make perchlorates? This video will rescue you. Dont forget on download. The easiest and fastest way was chosen. Which will provide perchlorate in a matter of hours. Without expensive platinum electrodes. Without problematic PbO2 electrodes. No diaphragm and other incredibly complex and demanding devices. This method can not be used for KClO3 = KClO4 because it has different solubility. However, from NaClO4 is possible easy do it HClO4, NH4ClO4, KClO4, LiClO4 and nexts. For dilluting you use pure acetone. Commerce acetone is contaminated of the naphtha or some fat about 1%. Caution: NaClO4 is extremely hygroscopic. You can see, that 3 rd sample is not pure NaClo4. Too much yellow color you can see on the white ceramic surface.
Make 45u Magnalium (Magnesium) PowderZeropyro - on Feb 07, 2019
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Water Heater Magnesium Anode Rod 100 gritt sandpaper 1min/ 1,5 - 2g... Not fast, but works... after refining the ball mill. Mg/Al 75/25 very reactive bright airfloat powder.
TACN Tetraaminecopper[II]nitrate [Cu(NH4)4](NO3)3 - SynthesisZeropyro - on Feb 02, 2019
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This video is illustration purpose only, I'm not responsable for damage property or persons.Hydrated form of TACN is low sensible to impact (comparable to ammonal) and very stable, acetone doesn't dehydrate TACN, the colour is remained blue!Its power is higher than ANFO.The dependence of the detonation velocity on charge diameter was revealed and the ideal detonation velocity of 3500 ms at 0.87 gcm was measured.
HOW TO MAKE A TITANIUM SALUTE?Zeropyro - on Jan 27, 2019
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Hello guys! To day i will show you How to make a 4" titanium salute"
Black match compression between 10% and 5% DextrinZeropyro - on Jan 27, 2019
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Results: Speed Comparison: 10% = 8cm in 7secs 5% = 8cm in 3secs Strength Comparison: 10% = Very strength 5% = Less strength Recommended for high speed 5% Dextrin Recommended for long last and stability: 10% Dextrin
MY BEST WAY FOR MAKING BLACK MATCH FUSE 2018Zeropyro - on Jan 27, 2019
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In today's video I'll show you my best way for making Black match fuse. This is for me the most efficient way to make fuse that won't disappoint you in situations like: Folding over and braking, burning to a hole of your firework and then... nothing happens, it's not messy to work with it doesn't crumble and so on. I'm making my fuse with basic ingreedients that are most likely affordable. In this method I'm using my homemade wooden frame for drying the fuse, it's just easier with it to make your fuse in straight lines than laying it on a paper sheet like I've showed you in my previous video about black match, but if you're crative and precise that can also be an alternative for drying it. ENQUIPMENT USED IN THIS VIDEO: Black powder, dextrin, boiling pot, cotton string, bowl, spoons & stick, homemade wooden frame for drying fuse, gloves, respirator, scissors, pliers for cutting, lighter for test, and brick for heavy duty test, masking tape and paper sheet, I maybe missed on something but that's most of it. If you have any questions about this video put them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them. Thank you for watching this video! See you in the next one. Peace. ATTENTION: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE, AND DO NOT REPEAT ACTIONS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO! THIS IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND ENTERTAINMENT!
Primary nickel (II) bis(aminoguanidine) perchlorateZeropyro - on Nov 07, 2018
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Product of an attempt to prepare nickel (II) bis(aminoguanidine) perchlorate by reacting nickel acetate, ammonium perchlorate and AGu bicarbonate in water. The compound appears as needle like crystals or small prisms, larger ones are almost blood-red colored (maybe the compound is polluted with complexed 1,1,4,10,10-pentaamino-2,3,5,6,8,9-hexaazadeca-1,3,5,7,9-pentaene?), smaller crystals appear to be brick-red/dark orange. In open, already small pinch sized amounts on ignition explode loudly with a large flash, no DDT with such amounts - they usually did not puncture the paper under them, while the same or even smaller amounts wrapped in aluminium foil detonate, punching holes in beer cans or easily initiating pressed PETN. Explosions of larger amounts, even unconfined, are becoming very violent - it is NOT a "safe" or "mild" primary like e.g. nickel tris(hydrazine) nitrate (but is less inflammable than the hydrazinate nitrate) and the patent says, it outperforms RDX in detonation pressure, so be careful. It is soluble in water and it looks like that even in alcohol or acetone, with gradual, partial or complete decomposition, forming dirty-green solutions. Since the patent says nothing about sensitivity and stability in details, I finely ground a few tiny crystals in mortar - without explosion and I left a sample in the woods, to see if it will decompose.
Heretic primary cupric glycinate-Chlorate/PerchlorateZeropyro - on Nov 07, 2018
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Primary explosive cupric glycinate-perchlorate More:<a href="/1CS9y8BCXC7iXTqDMaYnwN9br8WaRbUeJV/?Video=1541097464_1KsFe6vgVpNFCNTQDQryrcQYySkAbFLXCV" >Made the same way but with Glycine Powder</a> The chlorate made from Ba(ClO3)2 CuSO4 And food grade Glycine powder.Washed with technical alcohol.
Test comparative CHPZeropyro - on Nov 01, 2018
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CHP is for amateur use only. His properties has not commercial level. Where is required high temperature stability. CHP is free the invention. Easy prepare and relatively safe manipulation. But because CHP require solid cavity, (for generate shockwave) is it for some amateur more easy use HMTD,(SADS,3A3P) in plastic straw. Thats all problem with CHP. Solid cavity is condition for reliable DDT. And solid cavity is for amateurs bigger problem, than manufacture dangerous compounds. That is why many amateurs prefer to risk their own fingers instead of using a solid cavity.
CHP Copper Hexamine PerchlorateZeropyro - on Nov 01, 2018
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CHP Copper Hexamine Perchlorate synthesis.
Strontium nitrate and barium chlorate flash powderZeropyro - on Nov 01, 2018
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Strontium nitrate and barium chlorate flash powder.
5 gram of strontium nitrate barium chlorate and aluminiumZeropyro - on Nov 01, 2018
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5 gram of strontium nitrate,barium chlorate and aluminium flash powder.
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