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Verbosity Addiction

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My kitty had to be euthanized.

on Oct 01, 2017 ·

She had a rapid onset episode of chronic kidney failure.

out.jpg (0x0)

The worst part was, I didn't even notice she had kidney problems, because 4" spherical diameter pee clumps were normal for her. According to the vet, about 2" spherical diameter is normal for her size of cat.

While I wish I had noticed earlier, finances, like always, dictates what I could do; hospitalization for three days plateaued her bloodwork readings, and the vets gave her a grim prognosis. Without a means to get better, I deemed it more merciful to end her suffering.

Why does it feel like I betrayed her for the call of money?

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OpenSSL for Android Build Tutorial

on May 29, 2017 · 15 min read

... the crickets are dead. I think I left this place too long.

OpenSSL, for those unfamiliar, is one implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer specification, the portion of the networking stack that is responsible for enabling encrypted HTTPS connections to websites, so malicious parties cannot spy on, modify, censor or inject anything into the webpage's contents. It also has an encryption binary available, to symmetrically encrypt any data or file desired according to a wide array of ciphers. This enables encrypted data at rest, and relatively safe storage of sensitive personal data on untrusted machines, such as a cloud storage provider.

However, due to the possibility of a malicious actor distributing untrustworthy builds, or a given connection being hijacked to deliver an infected file, or a myriad of other ways to execute malicious code, the OpenSSL Project does not distribute compiled binaries of the source code, and publishes cryptographic hashes of their source tarballs to verify against. This prevents easy use of strong, symmetrical encryption by the layperson, and thus prevents it from being put into widespread use to thwart malicious actors such as crackers, foreign adversaries and malware distributors.

The following tutorial is meant to enable a layperson to safely build, deploy and execute a copy of OpenSSL; the use case in mind is uploading encrypted data to a cloud storage provider, and the Proof-of-Concept Tasker automation reflects that. With all the bashing on prebuilts, I realize that many people won't have the resources or technical skills necessary to execute the tutorial to completion; prebuilts can be found here on this site's ZeroMux repo. A video showing the process of building the binary can be found here, although I did not show the extraction; at the time of writing this post it is late in the evening; if anyone wants a more comprehensive video they are welcome to ask.

Due to the fact that most Android phones are built with ARM processors, this tutorial assumes the user desires a build for ARM. If anyone has a non-ARM Android device, please do post instructions.

Without further ado, here is the tutorial:

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Idea guy indulgence

on Mar 25, 2017 ·
1 comment

Just making a test of the site hashing/signing feature. Want to see if content from users other than the site owner gets hashed whenever content.json gets updated.

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USA legal evidence handling

on Mar 12, 2017 ·
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So I had a brainwave at work, and it managed to stick around long enough to make it home.

How does one dodge allegations of digital evidence tampering? By placing it in escrow on a third-party host, of course. This opens up a whole new set of problems, however. So I came up with a method I think will convince a court that the evidence in question has not been modified since the preservation order was handed down. It's a logic trap based on timestamps from third-party sites, archival to preserve your own timestamps, and encryption to prevent covert modification. (touch -d $(date WHENEVER) FILE comes to mind.)

If anyone is interested, you can find the (very) rough draft HERE.

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Celebration of zite management.

on Mar 07, 2017 ·

In celebration of actually figuring out how content.json needs to be structured, have a RWBY wallpaper!

ZeroMux link

Seriously, check out the ZeroMux developer, there's a link on the sidebar.

Maybe now I'll have a place to post my sed scripts in peace.

EDIT: Too soon, have to see if a regex will work for ensuring loader/files/somefile.foo/file.json will work.

EDIT2: Yay! Regexes are useful things. Assuming your ZeroMux's box is located at ZITEADDR/loader, the following regex forces all file.json coordination files to be downloaded, resulting in far, far less downloading.

"optional": "(loader/files/.*/.*[0-9]+\\.dat$)",

It matches all files in one directory below the files dir, ending with the .dat extension. Thus, all files or dirs located in ZITEADDR/loaders/files/ will still be mandatory. Haven't figured out how to make wildcards NOT match a {0} repetition bracket, I think I need a non-end of string anchor.

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scrub, a tool to remove muted user's content

on Feb 26, 2017 ·
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It became apparent, around mid-January 2017, that the ability to post pictures on ZeroMe can be abused with all manner of annoying spam (and potentially, illegal material). Coupled with a lack of any form of moderation at the time, this became enough of a nuisance to warrant a minor version upgrade to ZeroNet, adding the ability to mute users. Github commit (clearnet)

However, even after muting a given user, you are still hosting and therefore distributing the material that prompted you muting them. This can be a problem in the less-tolerent areas of the world, so I decided to do something about it.

scrub.[sh|cmd] automatically finds, shreds and removes all content posted, published, or otherwise put on ZeroNet by all users on your mute list. There are both Linux and Windows versions of the scrub.[sh|cmd] script. Mac users will need to devise their own, as I don't own a Mac to test on.

Tested on Windows 7 x64 SP1 and Ubuntu 16.04.1.

A word of caution: due to how the shred utility works, it is not recommended to run scrub.[sh|cmd] on SSDs or other nonvolatile solid-state storage; it's not guaranteed to work (due to wear leveling) and you'll wear out the medium faster.

Downloads are available at the ZeroMux Repo link in the left pane. For peace of mind, two packages are available: one with prebuilt Windows dependencies and one without. README.txt has a list of hashes for every dependency and links to source code for such.

Dependencies included
Dependencies not included

After downloading and unzipping, move the scrub-muted-users folder into your ZeroNet/data folder, and read the README.txt.

SHA256 sums:

a4a3c4b9c77c1062915dcfb7d0ea5b7dbdfbf886e813b58b03898c04d71910d2 ../scrub-muted-users_nodeps.archive_zip
4448f737a72dadb3c309f609a0092720ca7e186170c91a5d1927e50e0fe23c49 ../scrub-muted-users.archive_zip

You will need to rename the file to something with a .zip extension, otherwise it may not be recognized by your unzipping software.

To verify integrity of a given file on Windows, open a command line, navigate to the directory in which the downloaded zip resides, then execute:
certutil -hashfile FILE ALGORITHM
where FILE is the filename, and ALGORITHM is one of the following: MD5, SHA1, SHA256 or SHA512

To verify on Linux, [md5|sha1|sha256|sha512]sum FILE.

I hope this helps!

(thanks to @konar for proofreading <3)

EDIT: Finally fixed my signing problems; links updated to reflect new location.

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Six keys later...

on Feb 24, 2017 ·
1 comment

... and one remounting; may need to add boot script for mountbinding this dir as user instead of root. Depends upon mountbinds having different permissions than their parents.

... I'm live now, aren't I?

Well hello there. I write bash and Windows Batch scripts for fun. Please do take a poke around in the ZeroMux Repo on the left sidebar.

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