Hello, and welcome to my website. If you've stumbled across this then surely you are wondering just what the hell this is all about. Well I will attempt to explain as best I can.

So who am I? Well obviously I won't divulge too much information on who I am personally. But I will tell you I am an American by birth, though I refute my American citezenship and everything to do with that country.

I have lived under American tyranny my whole life, watching it rot from the inside out and becoming exactly what it once fought against. A fascist, borderline-dictated shithole of a country.

So I spent time studying other countries to figure out where I could flee to. And I found where I wanted to go: Korea. A country rich in history, built on the foundations of respect and honor that it still follows today.

But why North Korea? Well, simply put I wish to help North Korea from the inside. I want to see both Koreas be at peace, which they almost were until Dipshit Trump fucked it up as usual. So I intend to defect, give them information on America (I have a lot of information to give them) and see if I can help try to improve the country from within.

I do need help though.  I need money to get the documents, plane tickets and everything else I need to get to North Korea. And I sure as shit ain't gonna make some American fatcat richer by killing myself in some shit-tier job for $8.50 an hour. Fuck that.

So I'm not gonna beg for bitcoins per-se. If you wanna send me bitcoins then go for it. I'll leave my wallet address down below. However, you can also send me tips, programs, botnets/botnet access or whatever to help me mine coins. (I don't have a super PC or thousands of dollars to spend mining this shit and I don't have a lot of time) to my private or public email address which I will put down below. Feel free to ask questions as well as I will be happy to answer them.
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