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aRNoLD's ZeroBlog

aRNoLD's ZeroBlog.

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end of jogging

on Dec 07, 2016

so finally I decided to stop jogging exercise lasting for 5 yrs, instead, bicycling can be the only alternative.

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v0.51 offers multilanguage interface

on Nov 24, 2016

cool, isn't it? a small step forward, a giant leap for ZeroNet's acceptance by global netizens.

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completed upgrading to v0.5

on Nov 16, 2016

a couple of days' confusion brought me to tardiness, and i then bumped into a final solution of vpn to overcome the trouble of great firewall.
finally, it's done! and i registered my zerome account:)

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Wells-Fargo's internship

on Jul 24, 2016

From DC's reply, the internship opportunity seems not realistic after browsing the webpages. So, the burden of going and preparing the tour was relieved, while my worry about the future in the coming couple of yrs strengthened.

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approaching the session end

on Jun 02, 2016

almost the end of the first half of the year, but still not complete or even start the rest of the long-delayed paper.
the good thing is, dc's medical report was said to be not that bad.

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complaint about the compact car seat

on May 04, 2016

when back from jogging this evening, dad complained about the seat's discomfort. well, the coming new car is not a mid-sized car, and perhaps one day I'll buy him a wider one.

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surrendered the down payment

on May 02, 2016

finally the whole thing got into the right and satisfactory road. a down payment via credit card, and a happy and harmonious ending this afternoon.

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on May 02, 2016 · 3 min read


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in memory of Lin Zhao (林昭)

on Apr 29, 2016

48 yrs ago today, Lin was killed without mercy.

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kuaipan announcing its death

on Apr 27, 2016

kuaipan, together with sina's weipan, announced their death, or more politely and seriously, their termination of service today. blocking is not the only solution, but the easiest solution for the party of cn gov, and also the shortest path for the party to go to hell.

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the coming may

on Apr 27, 2016

obviously it's the 1st spring break bestowed on us, thus the session must be fully utilized. the prev invitation was not accepted but kindly refused by them frm nj. well, can understand this, and consequently, a peaceful break.

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cannot fig it out what would come

on Apr 26, 2016

yes possibly the big thing would happen in the coming month, but will that be what i want?
yang's visit can foresee a new turning point in my life?

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a 2nd recovery attempt successful!

on Apr 26, 2016 ·
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wanted to give it up, but the idea of a second try came up, and tried it...that's it.

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