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aRNoLD's ZeroBlog.

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a 2nd im domain

on Jan 01, 2018

the end of 2017 it came to me that a second im domain was worth registering and then keeping for personal use. I did that not after long thinking. it could be a present for the coming yr.

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new honor, new method of paying

on Nov 09, 2017

before driving to pick them up from nj at the end of oct., I placed the order with tb rather than jd, and instead of for oneplus, for honor, a most recently released model, the 7x equipped with a fingerprint module. paying with such a quick way is somewhat fashionable, and I stick to it now.
the parents have been staying with 41 for a month, a good period for mom's health, but surely is not for dad who could not easily take a bath, nor could he surf the net as he had been doing at home. Hope that won't be their last stay in nj.

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switching vpn

on Sep 29, 2017

in the recent couple of days encountered a few times glitches of disconnection, or more precisely 'being unavailable'. after inquiring jim for a confirmation on the issue, I at last switched to the official vpn a/c. surprisingly I was not asked by the browser to install a plugin or sth., just logging in with my assigned id & pwd, and that's it! not bad if nothing is required to be stuffed into my pc.

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xu landed in the states?

on Aug 22, 2017

amazingly, xu, the monitor posted his car pic in our wechat grp, telling us indirectly that he and the family have been in the states. he didn't tell the channel, in which way the family moved there, but his posting reminds of my long-delayed plan.

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resetting the phone brings back almost 1 g

on Aug 09, 2017

should I focusing on purchasing a new mobile? after phone recovery operation, it seems a new purchase is not necessary. it just earned me almost 1 g volume from over 100 mb to less than 1.2 g. great!

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the journal finally arrived

on Jul 14, 2017

it's beyond my expectation that it arrived today sent by the journal as early as on 11th of the month. and there should be two more (pieces of articles) to follow.

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destined for an architectural designer family?

on Jun 28, 2017

thought her photos were nicely shot, and later was told by Shi that she was an architectural designer. Oh, my! seems my life has been somewhat associated with the architectural industry?

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a late discovery?

on Jun 10, 2017

I didn't think it would happen, but it just happened when, as I can recall, we were on that trip. the feeling sneaked unconsciously into my brain and whole body, making me realize that she was then the one. it looks that this discovery is totally ironic as she had not been perceived as the one. the dream yesterday more confirmed my recent discovery, but my inner one told me I should refrain my instinct and let impetus fade naturally.

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a thank-u card

on May 22, 2017

the may 20th Sat gave me a big surprise. I went back to the office after the defense and found a card on my desk. it was from dc thanking me for the kindle gift. I was obviously surprised by the card, and also by why it was delivered so late, about half an yr after the gift. I don't know what's the journey the card went through, but it couldn't be that dc sent it out to me a week ago.

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jogging to add a new member

on Apr 28, 2017

it's a surprise that mom was attracted by the green trees and peaceful long road around the lake, and she agreed that she would come with us from tomorrow on and join in our jogging.
thanks to the slow cooker that would take the dinner-prep work for her.
so happy that a great time of being together with them come again, like what I enjoyed in those ocassions of more than 30 yrs ago.

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finally came the decision to sell

on Mar 22, 2017

yes, it's been what I've been expecting, but when they really made the decision, that decision seemed to be 'sneaky', and when I knew this was the final decision, they already contacted the agent via one of the neighbors. hasty decision may not be a bad one, but it just lacks a process, a process of comparing between different agents, their competencies, professionalism, and of course, their quotes. anyway, it's not my property. they are in a decisive position.

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upgraded to ver 0.53

on Mar 08, 2017

got the news frm the new GFW talk and tried to conduct an upgrade. failed then as zeronet did from last time when I tried an effort to climb to ver 0.51. after a few times' attempts in vain, even by turning to vpn solution, I quitted, and browsed to github for an official release, but only to find that zeronet doesn't put the 0.53 on the site. amazing, how can an unofficial 0.53 upgrade popup prompt out to get the users to the wrong latest ver while the official github site still put the lastest, the 0.52 on the top of its release? but anyway, before I figure these puzzles out, the local zeronet app went back alive, the browser windows showed that it has completed the upgrade and the current ver on my pc is ver 0.53.

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to get one published

on Mar 05, 2017

the guy with whom I collaborated several yrs ago did not respond to my inquiries, but the previous straw is his rude manner and impatience when I sincerely contacted him at the end of feb. so switching to tb's agent for pub is obviously the feasible solution for a quick way out. don't wanna waste time on this piece.

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transfer finally succeeded

on Jan 17, 2017

this time Namesilo spent five days to finish the transfer, longer than expected, but finally the central registry processed the req. I just thought the losing registrar doesn't want to give its customer an easy exit.

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my poor teeth

on Dec 15, 2016

didn't anticipate a repair surgery came so soon. the consequences are yet to be determined in one or more weeks' time.

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