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The RNA world

before DNA appeared, Earth was a RNA world. things were relatively simple back then. it did not take much time to set things up.
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Is there any Etherpad or Ethercalc implementation planned for Zeronet ?

Is there any Etherpad or Ethercalc implementation planned for Zeronet ?
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This forum is outdated

It does not contain subscription feature to get notified about replies via ZeroHello (until admin upgrade site from menu). There is a new forum that is active at this moment and has it:
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How i make my Zite cloneable?
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[Mirror] ProteanOS mirror (partial) now up! [Completed]

I have successfully created a ProteanOS site mirror at this ZeroNet address 1Bc2n4j6MRwqbUsXr4Dt9DdabJLp4AGmDi . **Note:** This is a partial mirror. Not all files are present.
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Does anyone know a simple voting/polling system that could work inside zeronet?

I am trying to build a service in which the user is given a few options to vote. Is there a way to do it with zeronet? Most systems I've seen use PHP, is there an alternative?
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[Board] Welcome everyone! To the software developers social network; Dev.Net.

Ello' all fellow software developers, from closed-source developers to open-source to free-software to public domain and beyond. I created this forum (better called a social network due to my HTML modifications) in hopes of creating a software developers social network for everyone, even those who do not use the ZeroNet software. Of who can still use the [Bit.no.com ZeroNet Proxy](http://bit.no.com:43110/) service. I just love the ZeroNet software and that is all. - ##Syntax for status update titles 1. Questions use the `[Question]` identifier at the beginning of your status update. 2. Projects ideas use the `[Project Idea]` identifier at the beginning of your status update. 3. Projects use the `[Project]` identifier at the beginning of your status update. 4. Mirror announcement use the `[Mirror]` identifier at the beginning of your status update. - That is why I created **Dev.net**! I hope you all enjoy Dev.net, I have modified the HTML code to make it look different from all the other forums and to give it a nice feeling.
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Creation of ZeroNet documentation site

[Here]('s the thread for the creation of [this]( site.
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[Question] configure site for user content

Is there any docs? I'm trying to follow code from ZeroBlog, but seems that i'm missing something, and it doesn't work. Right now I have few questions: ``` "includes": { "data/users/content.json": { "signers": [], "signers_required": 1 } ``` what it means? why it's not in `files` section as all other files? siteSign ignores this file, and it's not distributed. But w/o such file a peer cannot accept `data.json` from user directory, says `No rules`. So what's the point of having it there in includes section then? I also tried to put `data-default/users/content-default.json` but I don't understand how I could help. As I understand it copied to user content dir on first use (_not_ `users/content.json`, but `users/%ID%/content.json`), and I can't configure rules here anyway. So it seems to be different thing
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[Project] ZeroNet site to help peer your site

You put your site address in a form, and a VPS I have will start to peer that site. I will have to limit the number of sites, but I'm guessing a lot of people have servers that aren't necessarily using all of their storage or bandwidth. If we could link them all up to the same frontend we could easily distribute the load across all the servers.
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[Project Idea] Spiral social network (for ZeroNet stack)

I have come up with an idea of how to create a simple but _easy-to-understand-how-to-use_ social network that runs on top of the ZeroNet stack. - More information on my the blog post: 17pTf9tzLGxVQnRKGhg1M85DCXJ7YXPdv9/?Post:21:Spiral+-+A+small+micro-blogging-like+social+network+for+Zeronet
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[Mirror] lolcode.prg mirror now up!

A mirror of the site at [lolcode.org](http://lolcode.org) is now up here: `15znAdZ3SFNhN5ow72YnK9y9uMkf7bFSBM`.
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[Project] The Freedom Box - PirateBox et al. setup which is rocking!

Basically the Freedom Box is a way for you to anonymously send files, have a chat with somebody connected via WiFi to the freedom box and share **knowledge** and **information**. - Check out the project manifesto at this URL: 17pTf9tzLGxVQnRKGhg1M85DCXJ7YXPdv9/?Post:23:The+Freedom+Box
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[Mirror] Kernel.org Mirror (partial) now up! [Completed]

I have successfully created a mirror of kernel.org today which if you do not know they host the Linux kernel images. Here is the link for the [Bit.no.com Proxy](http://bit.no.com:43110): http://bit.no.com:43110/1FANHLWU7QsffN12tAcMjKJ1FzWrWYRP8c And here is the link for [Localhost Node]( - ##Update 1 I have gotten kernel downloads working by making a new directory that holds duplicate copies of the kernel. That is pretty much I only need to have working, if you can suggest a script that can fully mirror this site and change the link to local ones and a script that work perfectly like this for all sites then I will gladly accept it and wipe the site and re-mirror all the contents and get it up as soon as possible. Just drop a comment below. - ##Update 2 **Note:** This is a partial mirror. Not all files are present. Some workarounds and moving of files, duplicating etc. were done.
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Sep 25, 2015 ━ posted by tristank

[Project Idea] Silex - A web browser that runs on the ZeroNet stack

The information for the whole project can be found on my blog [here (On the ZeroNet proxy)](http://bit.no.com:43110/17pTf9tzLGxVQnRKGhg1M85DCXJ7YXPdv9/?Post:9:Silex+-+A+web+browser+that+runs+on+the+ZeroNet+stack) or [here (On your node)]( Basically it is a Python program that can parse .silex files (Our HTML version) that are hosted on _brokers_. It's a little web browser. **Update:** I have now completed the blog post. I would recommend reading it rather than reading this. - ##What's a _broker_? A _**broker**_ in the Silex system is basically a ZeroNet node hosting many sites comprised of `.silex` files. Think of _brokers_ as servers but servers that host many sites. You add these servers to the `brokers.list` file. You will get your own copies of all the Silex sites/pages that broker has by mirroring (torrenting his files) on the ZeroNet. - ##Integrity of the files We leave this up to the BitTorrent part of ZeroNet, integrity checks are done on the files that stay on the nodes mirroring them, only the owner of the `.silex` file can make a change that will propagate all over the network. - ##Read a better version of this on my blog rather.
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[Question] Python os and os.path

If I am correct the `os` module in Python is well a module, does that mean that os.path is a class named `path` in the `os` module which holds a function named `exists`?
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[Question] Little question on removing GNOME

What would be the best way to remove the GNOME desktop from Trisquel?
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[Mirror] GNU Software Mirror will be up soon! [Cancelled]

Working on mirroring the contents of [ftp.gnu.org/gnu/](ftp.gnu.org/gnu/) to the address `1F6g1isDqk1FLf9HtCqFTcGrhPuSFKVUov`. I have made a request for the site on the Bit.no.com proxy in hopes that it will get there and so everyone that is on the regular base Internet can access it and also so that people can discover it while browsing that ZeroHello module. - ##Before it can work I need to write an indexer that generates HTML code. I will implement the indexer in Python. This will be done tomorrow.
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[Project Idea] Writing a little Python library for Python text-based game developers.

##Breakdown I thought that I can write something really cool that involves using the `sleep` function (object) from the module `time`. - ##What is it that I want to program? This thing is what I want to call `libtypewriter` because it is going to be a simple type writer of which will allow the user to print text to the screen with a type writer like speed by using the `print` (built-in function object) like so `print("",end="")` with the argument `end` for the `print` function set to `""` which is a blank a.k.a. empty string (object). The reason to do so is that the `end` argument is set to the value of `None` by default in the function `print` and hence the function `print` will check to see whether it is `None` and if so the line ending of the printed text will be a newline (`"\n"`). - ##How will it work? Pretty much a for loop (I think) and the `randrange` function of which I will use within `if` statements for different integer values for the first argument of the `sleep` function (which will make the current thread halt for different lengths of time. - All of this will create a cool experience for the user playing a game of which requires text output.
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