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News comment 5

on Jul 11, 2016

News 1: A driver died from a car accident when he was using the ‘Autopilot’ function of a Tesla Model S. Is autopilot car safe or not?

Car manufactures like Ford and high-tech companies such as Google, Tesla and Baidu are focusing on developing automatic driving, which is considered as a dramatic revolution in automobile industry. However, this technology is controversial because some developers think that it is not safe enough at present. For example, according to the experiment results from Google driverless-car development team, drivers often were absent-minded or even fell asleep when the ‘autopilot’ mode was turned on. This is dangerous because the present driverless-car still needs attentions from the driver in case of special situations. Driverless-car will greatly reduce car accidents resulting from mistakes of human driver if and only if the autopilot technology is well developed and driverless car becomes the common transportation in the future.

News 2: Google has offered a new tool to delete your browsing traces when using Google-related products.

Google has announced a new tool for customers to delete their browsing traces to avoid unwanted advertisements. By doing this, Google indirectly admitted the fact that they collect and analyzing the browsing traces of users through intelligent engine to precisely advertise. This is no doubt good news for people who use Google very often. However, people may start to query other search engines such as Baidu and Bing for utilizing user’s browsing traces to advertise.

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News comment 4

on Jul 09, 2016

News 1: Academy of Social Sciences of China recommends taxing house duty in first and second-tier city.

The purpose of imposing house duty is to control the housing price in developed cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The house duty taxing policy has been implemented for 5 years in Shanghai and Chongqing as a testament. However, the purpose of controlling the housing price in these cities is not achieved. Despite the failure in housing price control, oppositions from the public argue that citizens do not possess the ownership of the land that is used to building their houses, hence, it is unfair to charge tax on their houses.

Source: http://finance.ifeng.com/a/20160708/14575537_0.shtml

News 2: 257 Chinese student are forced to leave UK because the British government has canceled the ‘Internship plan for international student ’.

The British immigration office gave the reason for this policy that this plan had brought negative impacts to local employment for British citizens. This new policy will make it more difficult for international students to find a job in the UK. At the same time, British universities may become less attractive due to this unfriendly policy.

Source: http://finance.ifeng.com/a/20160708/14575430_0.shtml

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News comment 3

on Jul 07, 2016

News 1: Subeditor of Tian Ya Forum died suddenly in the subway station of Beijing.
After the death of the subeditor Jin Bo, the reason that why such a young man died so suddenly in a public place has become a hot topic these days. From my point of view, overworking may be the main cause of his sudden death. According to his family, Jin Bo had no heart disease when his was alive. However, he had been working late at night for couple years according to his colleagues. Overworking buried a bomb in his body and this bomb blew up without any omen.

Some comments from the PHOENIX News also surmises that overworking for a long period of time might be the most possible reason of Jin Bo’s sudden death. Yet, different opinion argues that overworking is not the ‘arch-criminal’ of his death; instead, the biggest problem is Jin Bo did not get the proper first-aid treatment in time. Media who support this kind of opinion then point out that this tragedy reflects that the public commonly lack knowledge in emergency treatment and the construction in medical emergency treatment facilities are deficient.

News 2: Hospitals in China now are short of vaccines because of the new policy of restricting the supplement of vaccines.
After the appalling ‘fake vaccines’ case was exposed in March of 2016, the Chinese government starts to limit the supplement of vaccines to avoid occurrences of similar case. This new policy has brought a shortage of vaccines to lots of hospitals among the country so the public, especially the parents of newborn babies are worried about this situation. Trying to go to hospitals that are famous in local might be a way to increase the chance to get vaccinated safely. However, this is not the long-term solution and governments has to speed up their pace to reconstruct the supplement of vaccines.

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News comment 2

on Jul 07, 2016

News 1: case of Lei Yang
The People's Procuratorate of Beijing published the autopsy result of Lei Yang on 30th June, 2016. The autopsy result stated that Lei yang died from asphyxiation resulting from chocking on his own gastric contents. And the Procuratorate decided to arrest the involved police officers on charges of their dereliction of duty that led to the death of Lei Yang.

In my opinion, the autopsy result is credible but the charges are not sufficient in this case. After all, a man died during interrogation. Not much we can conclude till further investigations are carried out. And it is hard to predict when government will give a final result of this case. The efficiency and equity that the Procuratorate has shown in publishing the autopsy result might be partially pushed forward by great pressures from the public.

Mainstream media in China like JINGWAH Times and Beijing News have published several articles to deliver their comments on this news. In summary, they almost unanimously commented that the Procuratorate of Beijing has been equitable in disposing this case and there is no opinion from the Procuratorate showing partiality to either the police or Lei yang. However, they also listed some comments and queries raised by the public that the autopsy result just makes the conclusion of this case ambiguous. The public want a clear and specific conclusion on the ‘case of Lei yang’ which the Procuratorate cannot give at present. The mainstream media therefore advise the public to wait patiently for the final result of this case and they also remind the government that the only the Procuratorate carry out their obligations and be equitable will the public trust and support their government.

This news and its relating comments are obtained indirectly from the PHOENIX News. Besides its own original product, PHOENIX News collects or edits comments, articles and news from other mainstream media. Although it is not known that whether these mainstream media have been controlled by the government, they are currently the most authoritative and objective media in China, especially the PHOENIX News.

Some foreign media like The New York Times also reported this news. The difference is The New York Times also includes the voice of the family members and the lawyer of Lei Yang. The lawyer made a comment to appreciate the prosecutors for “handling the case strictly, legally and thoroughly. [1]” But he also questioned that the charges on those arrested police officers were not sufficient given the circumstances of this case [1]. The New York Times did not comment on this news in detail, instead, it just mentioned that another media Global Times, thought the police struggled to convince the public in dealing this case.

It is very interesting to browse news through Chinese media and foreign media and make a comparison of them. Sometimes, media have to considerate their benefits and restricts when publishing news. In Lei Yang’s case, the foreign media were more inclined to blame the involved police officer and the Chinese government in direct or indirect ways, however, the Chinese media were more reticent about criticizing the authorities.
[1] New York Times

News: ICBC limits Alipay payments to Zhejiang branches
Beijing News reported this news in Mar of 2014 that ICBC planned to limit Alipay payment to its Zhejiang branches in order to safeguard the transactions. Now it has been two years since the news was published but the announced plan of ICBC seems not progressing much – almost every shop in Suzhou allows using Alipay payment for transactions. However, if Alipay payment is not available in other place except Zhejiang, our life will become less efficient because we have costumed to use Alipay payment in daily transactions. If large banks like ICBC indeed have the plan to limit the third-party payment services, they must also have the plan to expand their own e-pay services. Then, we have to get used to use the payment services provided by those banks, or to deposit money in private banks who still cooperate with third-party payment service enterprises like Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu (BAT).

The intention behind this news might be to give a warning to other enterprises that are providing the third-pay payment services and to give the customers an intimation that these third-pay payment services will not be available in the future, which pushes people to switch to the e-pay services provided by the bank.

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News comment 1

on Jul 07, 2016

News 1: Terrible rainstorm causes flood inside Wuhan.
Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, has been stroked by a series of terrible rainstorms in recent days causing severe flood inside this city. The transportation system has been destroyed and many buildings are submerged by the flood. Millions of residents are affected by this ‘rare rainfall in 100 years’. Although the main cause of flooding in Wuhan is the heavy rainfall, which is due to the super Nino phenomenon, improper urban construction is considered the subordinate cause of this heavy flooding. According to PHOENIX News, flooding in Wuhan city happened almost every time there was a heavy rainfall. The drainage construction of this city is too weak to reduce the influence of heavy rainfall. Moreover, many lakes that can retain large amount of water were filled with sand because of urban constructions. This heavy flood is a punishment to humanity for destroying the environment and also a warning for irrational development of cities.
Source: http://finance.ifeng.com/a/20160706/14569561_0.shtml

News 2: Chinese government is going to carry out a plan of postponing retirement by the end of 2017.
Although over 90% of the public are against the proposal of postponing retirement, the government seems to insist on carrying out a plan for it. Why the government is so urgent to postponing the retirement despite of the serious problem of employment in China? The reason may be that the government does not have enough pensions reserved for citizens so they wish people to prolong their working time to feed themselves. This is not good news for graduates who are looking for jobs under such a difficult circumstance. Graduates who are seeking for a good job have to be more competitive to compete limited positions.
Source: http://qd.ifeng.com/xinwenzaobanche/detail_2015_03/11/3641045_0.shtml

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