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International Software Supermarket Concept

on Aug 29, 2017
tag: programming software supermarket

There are several ingredients to any software supermarket.

  1. The marketplace or social network where projects are posted and people join and-or contribute. The front page can be setup like ZeroTalk, with each project having it's own merger site.
  2. The source code, binaries, data, and other large files, could be hosted on IPFS, linked to from the project site. Proprietary projects could have their code stored in an encrypted format.
  3. The coin used for paying people and computers for their contributions. Ideally this would be hyper scalable, but can simply have something that support multi-signature transactions, and has IPFS links to code-contributions in it's data.

The main differentiating point of the international software supermarket, is that all or most communication will be in Pyash -- which translates to and from all languages. In particular Pyash is ideal for making smart contracts because it is both a human language and a computer programming language.

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