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Blogging about how we will colonize the cosmos, while promoting diversity and liberty.

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LiberIT Website now on ZeroNet

on Aug 23, 2017
tag: LiberIT blog zeronet

The main LiberIT website is now on ZeroNet It's clearnet version is simply a limited ZeroProxy at http://liberit.ca

One somewhat frustrating thing is that liberit.bit is already registered. Though I guess that's to be expected considering I had applied for the name with name_new, but then sat on it for months before doing a first_update. At which point I found out that it was already taken by some bitmessege holder.

I am looking into using a different .bit domain, which I wont disclose, so someone else doesn't snatch it up before I can, ha!

In other news, I'm getting more curious about using IPFS. Perhaps will host some of the Pyash data files on there, since they are rather too large for the ZeroNet format.

Also I've begun work on a Pyash chat zite, which will allow for people to chat in a formal version of their natural language, and the zite will translate so all the content is in that same version. I'm hoping having something useable up by the end of the week. I'll need lots of feedback to make it as good as possible.

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