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Submarine Trance: Robot miners and refiners

on Sep 03, 2017
tag: meditation robot trance vision

Had another subconscious trance today, went into the soul world future trajectory viewer.

I saw myself climbing into a bottom loading submarine, and a collage of various underwater robots. It was the robot submarine factory in my plans.
The submarine robot company specialized in underwater mining and refining.

Underwater mining by robots is more cost-effective due to a variety of factors, including fewer human costs, and that rocks and minerals are lighter underwater due to displacement. Another factor is that underwater mining does not displace human workers, since humans aren't able to operate at those depths.

There are diamonds and other mineral resources in the great lakes.

Underwater refining and other chemical processes can be cost-effective as attaining and maintaining pressure is quite easy (it is primarily a change of depth). For instance nitrogen steel, could be produced in bulk.

The software was considered secondary, mostly used as a funding vehicle and enabling technology. It was mentioned that I should implement a simple Genetic Programmer in the next week, such as by following a tutorial, I'll be able to adapt it later to my programming language.

I feel pressure to get a server computer, with 32 cores, to run the genetic programmer, but haven't written it yet, so would like to.

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