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My dude this is cool

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pepperoni secret

on Aug 12, 2017

So i'm giving up on any kind of schedule (which didn't exist anyways) so i'll just be posting cool stuff i either made or found here, so if you're interested you should definitely stay!

also check out Gauchman hes pretty goodie

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Oh hey look at that, this still exists!

on Aug 03, 2017

Hello to the few people that read this!

I forgot to mention that my laptop broke which was literally the only device i could use ZeroNet on, so that goodie ay?

Anyways, i got it fixed but i'll probably won't be posting a lot.

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Schedules are for people who care

on Jul 06, 2017 ·
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I totally didn't completely forget that this existed, because i'm a smart boye.

Anyways, i'm gonna try to not neglect this blog and maybe in the meantime i'll actually think of something to blog about.

AmazingDanceMoves.jpg (215x194)

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2nd post and i already don't know what to do

on Jul 04, 2017 ·

Dude what the heck do people blog about this is so weird and especially awkward... Anyways if anyone is even reading this you should probably check out my friend's stuff!

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Hello World!

on Jun 03, 2017

Holy shit this is awesome

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