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ZeroBazaar: A New Hope?

on May 18, 2016

On 4/20 it was announced on reddit that a new project to create a fork of OpenBazaar, to be called ZeroBazaar, had been started. The goal of this project is to get OpenBazaar to work on ZeroNet, while providing the anonymity and privacy that was promised with the original DarkMarket project.

Whoever posted it on reddit posted it as the username ZeroBazaar, and posted a link to the GitHub repository in various subreddits. They did not answer any of the questions people had. Some commenters pointed out that there wasn't anything modified from OpenBazaar except the readme file, which read:

"OpenBazaar + Zeronet

We are actively working to add OpenBazaar in Zeronet.
Reclaiming Darkmarket Project


The original project share a vision of a community based uncensored freemarket. Openbazaar team fork the original project and after getting a fund they seemed to missed the point. Openbazaar does not share the same vision and after mainnet version was released the only thing they share is disappointment among the bitcoin and opensource communities. It is clearly that privacy and anonymization its not projects priority and the whole project was build in a protocol (rudp) that does not support tor or any other anonymization utilities. A freemarket cannot exist with a visible ip and indentities/activities easily associated with personnal info.

This projects aims to reclaim a community based project driven by community needs.
Zeronet vs Openbazaar

Network stability / Not stable yet
Offers anonymity via tor hidden services / Ip is not hidden
Seeding shop/pages(no single point of failure) / If you close app your store goes offline (ipfs still in pre-alpha)
Running offline (browsing) / Running only with internet connection


Sorry we missed the 1 M funding. Support this project:

Bitcoin address 182ADPcoAsLHowUUAMkmfChDSvnmXkE7tW

"Privacy: I know who you are, I don't know what you do. Anonymity: I know what you do, I don't know who you are. Don't confuse these two!"

-- klaus j zimmermann

...but we want both."

While the readme claims no anonymization service could work with the current protocol OpenBazaar uses, that is not actually true, as i2p is an anonymity network that people can use to download torrents through, using the same udp protocol that OpenBazaar uses. But that is beside the point, getting it to work over tor is still important. I sincerely hope people contribute to this project, I think it would be a huge asset to ZeroNet and help get more people to use it, and of course the economic freedom and privacy that would come with it. A lot of people question how serious the project is. I will be reaching out to the project and try to get an interview with the developers. Lets hope there are people dedicated to this project, and that it wasn't just some idea that came out of a 4/20 smoking session with no intention of working on it.

If you code and are interested, get involved!

What do you think about ZeroBazaar, do you think it is a serious fork or just a pipe dream? Do you think a decentralized and private free marketplace will ever come to ZeroNet?

ZeroBazaar - GitHub

ZeroBazaar = Zeronet + OpenBazaar


user_name1 day ago
lezsakdomion Jan 26, 2019

redfish: Why fork OpenBazaar. Create a marketplace zite, and forget OpenBazaar.

Yep. It should be simple & straightforward.

Maybe I'll develop such a zite when I have time. Probably in the summer or so.

If anyone manages to do so (and a note to my future self): Prepare for data interchange with ZeroBazaar

redfishon Jun 02, 2016

Why fork OpenBazaar. Create a marketplace zite, and forget OpenBazaar.

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