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Welcome to 2019, i started this zite back in 2015 and im surprised that im still here today. zeronet hasnt caught on with the masses yet but i am certain that eventually it will. This is the best implementation of website hosting for a large number of reasons. With the new laws and regulations passed by various governments around the world since the inception of zeronet 4 years ago, zeronet is the only way to preserve the internet as we know it. I hope the community continues to develop this monumental software for years to come.


Hi just checking in here, time flies so fast, i cant believe its been 3 years since i created this site. i have an interesting project im thinking about starting this upcoming year so stay tuned.


One of the things that the owner of a zite has consider is how to make thier zite attractive enough to people that they seed thier zite. When i created this zite zeronet was still relatively new and zites were kinda scarce so i suspect that people seeded my zite because zeronet was new and they wanted to help the community grow and they had no reason not to seed. Now that zeronet has been around for a few years i have noticed that my seeders have dropped significantly. I think this is due to people needing space for other zites, they are not interested in my zite, and also my zite is only listed in one search engine, kaffiene search, where its listing hasnt been updated since 2015 and it is tagged as #dead. In my time exploring the zites on zeronet i have come across a lot of zites that offer no real use to most people. they are typically jsut blogs, some of which havent been updated in years. i think that blogs are an important part of zeronet because they allow people to have thier own personal space to create whatever they want so i am in no way against them. I do however think that they are not something that will drive lots of interest in zeronet. I think that in order to become more popular zeronet needs more zites that can be interacted with by a visitor. My zite of couse is just a blog that i try to make interesting by posting my thoughts and things that i find interesting but i would like to add things to it that make it more useful and more interesting. one of the things that i struggle with in doing this is that any interaction with a zite must be accomplished with javascript and i do not have much knowladge of javascript. I also do not have any good ideas that i could implement in my zite. If anyone actually reads this and has any thoughts or ideas feel free to zemail me at pineapples@zeroid.bit. im not sure if my zemail works or not because the echobot never replies to my test emails and i dont have anyone to email to see if it works but its worth a shot.


Originally i wanted to make a wolfram alpha clone for zeronet that had some of the functionality of wolfram alpha but could be run in the browser offline like any other zite but i soon realized that this was a huge task to get even something as simple as a quadratic formula calculator to work let alone all the other things wolfram alpha can compute. during my research to make this wolfram alpha clone i discovered a better solution which is the free open source mathematics software called SageMath. it can solve complex equations just like wolfram alpha but it does not require an internet connection like wolfram alpha does. i can imagine this would appeal to zeronet users because first of all its free and open source and secondly there is no need to connect to a central server to use it. SageMath is not a complete replacement for wolfram alpha because it only focuses on math and wolfram alpha can do a lot more than just math but i think it is a very valuable tool nontheless. if your interested Here is the link to the SageMath website.


I wanted to learn some java script so after like 5 hours of reading tutorials and trying things i finally made this . Its a quadratic formula calculator and its very basic but it works. for some reason insead of a whole number like "2" it might say "1.9999999999" and im sure there is an explanation and solution but im just proud of myself for getting it to mostly work. I need to add an option to re run the program and id like to make it look nicer and not use alerts so thats what i will do with it next.


Found another cool 0site today its a first person shooter made with unity and its one of the coolest thigns ive found yet. the graphics and gameplay arent the best and there are no instructions but its the coolest game ive seen on Zeronet


I found some interesint 0sites today so ill put them here: - can encrypt files and send them to another mylock user - interesting 0site focused on making zeronet more secure. i dont know when it was updated last but it still has some cool stuff that works


feel free to send me random emails at pineapples@zeroid.bit :)


so today i learned how to use a repeating image as abackground in css so i found a pineapple background cuz my username is @pineapples.bit and i like pineapples. I know the colors look bad but ill fix that soon.


idk what the point of this site is, i just think its cool for some reason. i cant believe that after more than a year of not updating people are still seeding this pointless siite. Thanks to whoever is still seeding!!


i thought i lost my private key for a while but i found it and will update more frequently now


click me


i have neither the time nor the skills to do this, but i think that someone should make a thingiverse clone on zeronet.


this is another useful site free online texting client




Today i reorganized the order of posts so that the new ones are on top


Here is something that i think is interesting https://futureboy.us/stegano/


Hello. I made a zite based on something interesting i saw a while back. someone made a zite and published the private key so that it could be publicly edited. thier mistake was to publish the key on the site itself and appatently someone thought it would be funny to replace the site with a giant FBI logo saying the site had been siezed or something and they also deleted the key so that no one else could edit it. Im going to make a site for the purpose of public editing but im gonna post the key here so no one can take over it completely. so heres the link to the site

and here's the private key 5JEifzCWDPJV4jYCsv7SbTwqSp5Hc3eLE6W9ycFwxURGfRn5weN Enjoy ;)


Its been one year since i updated this and zeronet has grown a lot since then. i doubt anyone will see this since it hasnt been updated for a long time and there are many way more interesting zites than mine but if you are reading this HI!!.



Thanks to whomever gave me some bitcoin. I now have 0.00022BTC!


Here is my bitcoin address: 1KBmS2QoYr7vp1w6hzM5sCturSW2dYDiiL it would be awesome if you could send some insignificant amount like 0.000001btc to me. Thanks


good list of zeronet sites


Hello World. I'm creating this to play around with zeronet.

I will update this soon, but first I have to go learn some more html

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