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New Guide: John Park’s Crickit x LEGO Harmonic Drawing Machine @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit #lego

on Sep 02, 2018 · less than 1 min read
Origin: http://www.iotexpert.it/2018/08/03/new-guide-john-parks-crickit-x-lego-harmonic-drawing-machine-adafruit-johnedgarpark-adafruit-lego/, Agosto 3, 2018

Create beautiful complex harmonic curves with this drawing robot! This new guide will show you how.

makecode_IMG_0144-768x576.jpg (768x576)

Different from a roulette curve drawing machine, such as a Spirograph, a harmonograph/pintograph generates Lissajous curves that are bounded by four corners.

By adjusting the pivots and motor speed ratios using the Circuit Playground Express buttons, you can make different types of drawings.

curveCU-600x450.gif (600x450)

makecode_IMG_0063-768x576.jpg (768x576)

You’ll even get to merge the worlds of Crickit and LEGO with this TT motor-to-Technic cross axle! And, a very stylish 3D printed Crickit-to-LEGO plate finishes it off.

makecode_IMG_0067-600x450.jpg (600x450)

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