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Welcome to the OpenTTD Wiki

Please note that this wiki is under construction.

If you want to keep track with updates , check my ZeroMe acc.

Vast majority of content in copypasted from the actual OpenTTD wiki

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A user-edited manual and development guide for users and developers of the open source transport simulation game OpenTTD, based on the gameplay of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Gameplay Manual

The manual provides in-depth information on how to play. If you are new to the game, our Tutorial will show you how to set up your first transport route and continue expanding your network from there.

If you've played Transport Tycoon before, you may like to read the comparison of OpenTTD and Transport Tycoon Deluxe to see what's changed. If you've played TTDPatch which contains some of the same improvements as OpenTTD, we also have a comparison of OpenTTD and TTDPatch features.

Finally, for any general questions check the FAQ.


This section covers all aspects of non-graphics OpenTTD development. For those new to development, the FAQ should answer any questions you have. You can then move on to current development or helping out with translation if you wish.

You can see the changelog and read through the, development section of the forums or join our IRC channel if you're interested in the current state of the project.

We also compiled a list or wanted features if you're interested in starting to write patches for OpenTTD itself.

Graphics Development

The graphics section is where artists, NewGRF engine coders, and other graphics related developers collaborate on graphics development. Find out about the latest developments in base graphics, NewGrfs (both 8bpp and 32bpp) and more. Also, don't forget to check the Player Resources section below for other graphics-related resources.

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