Buy CP using your favourite cryptocurrency!

Buy is very simple.

  1. Write to chikan using ZeroMail and tell me how many photos you want and the cryptocurrency that you want to use.
  2. I will respond you with the address off the wallet (for privacy, I use rolling addresses).
  3. Send the money to the wallet and remember to insert "p4c" or "pedo4crypto" in the transaction message / description, or the payment will be ignored.
  4. Once the payment is done, I will respond you with a link for download your files and the password for decrypt them.
Unfortunately, you can't choose the photos, you will download a surprise-zip-archive .

When you have downloaded the files, you're free to redistribuite or do what you want, I simply don't care about.

This is the cryptocurrencies that I accept: The price for one photo is:
All prices are, actually (May 2018), about or under 0.01 $ .
bitcoin dashcoin dogecoin litecoin

Here you can download a humoristic preview, and here a more serious one. If you like Pedo4Crypto, follow me on ZeroMe .
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