welcome to my zeronet

Sorry for the rocking I was drunk while writing this.

This is just my playground for checking out the new stuff as I learn .

That was 4 years ago XD . I finally found my first installation of zeronet and the keys to the sites I started at that time . I also found one of the first sites that was put up for sharing links among us freaks that were using 0 at the time . Meanwhile it was "seized" by some jerk . I got to reclame it , check out here

Zeronet has grown up in the last 4 years . A lot of nazi scumbags I see arround nowdays .

You can also find me at my i2p site . For taht you will , of course , have to have i2p installed .

If you want to contact me , the mail is underd0g@i2pmail.org

- underd0g -

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