Bl4ck0u7 | PowerSoftware

Bl4ck0u7 is a Bulgarian Developer. He has a lot of experience
and is a Full-Stack C# and Java Developer. His Lastest Project Is Called ConsoleHack.

Direct DL(ConsoleHack) E-Mail Me

Features Of ConsoleHack: 

Responsive Software

Being optimised w/ every update.
Works with any Windows OS

Robust Licensing

A Custom Licensing System, That Only ConsoleHack Uses


24/7 Support.
The support you need, right there.


Well-Optimised Code
Offers incomparable speeds, without compromising stability.


Work simultaneously on multiple tasks.
Thanks To MultiThreading and Async Calls.

Made With Passion

Coding is our passion.
Quality code is everything for us

We ♥ new friends

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