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Dating App

just wondering if a dating app for sexual minority is needed, or exisiting apps like skout is enough?
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Nov 04, 2018 ━ started by lonelyreader

First topic

Disclaimer • This is a decentralized forum. • There are not moderators. • Here you are free to write anything. • Do not feed the trolls. • This forum also belongs to you because you are a peer, so let's build this network together. • Please express yourself in English and be polite, remember that behind a nickname there is a human. Thank you. What does transgender mean? Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex.[1][2][3] Transgender people are sometimes called transsexual if they desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another. Transgender is also an umbrella term: in addition to including people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex (trans men and trans women), it may include people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine (people who are genderqueer or non-binary, including bigender, pangender, genderfluid, or agender).[2][4][5] Other definitions of transgender also include people who belong to a third gender, or conceptualize transgender people as a third gender.[6][7] Infrequently, the term transgender is defined very broadly to include cross-dressers,[8] regardless of their gender identity. Being transgender is independent of sexual orientation:[9] transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or may decline to label their sexual orientation. The term transgender is also distinguished from intersex, a term that describes people born with physical sex characteristics "that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies".[10] The counterpart of transgender is cisgender, which describes persons whose gender identity or expression matches their assigned sex. The degree to which individuals feel genuine, authentic, and comfortable within their external appearance and accept their genuine identity has been called transgender congruence.[11] Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria, and some seek medical treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, sex reassignment surgery, or psychotherapy.[12] Not all transgender people desire these treatments, and some cannot undergo them for financial or medical reasons.[12][13] Most transgender people face discrimination in the workplace[14] and in accessing public accommodations,[15] and healthcare.[16] In many places they are not legally protected from discrimination.[17]
^9 ^10 10 comments last on Nov 03, 2018 ━ started by transgender

Change sex in your pictures

In faceapp there are some functions that allow you to change sex in your pictures.This could be useful for sis / bro who have not started transition. It's not perfect unfortunately it's not open source and it asks for a lot of permissions, but it could improve in the future.
^4 ^5 5 comments last on Mar 14, 2018 ━ started by guest1


any good books you've on topic of transgenderism. luna by julie anne peters is only one i've read.. it was kinda bittersweet at the end but at times it felt like a checklist of things to adress. wellp so.. anyone come across anything worthy of a read?
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Mar 02, 2018 ━ started by nothing

How to get rid of beard permanently?

What really worked on you?
^1 ^2 4 comments last on Feb 07, 2018 ━ started by guest1

Surviving mainstream society an LGBT individual

One thing I've noticed from experience (and this can apply to any individual, in any situation) ... is that, frankly, 'not caring about what society thinks' ... often doesn't work out that well. It can help in extreme situations where you have no other choice, but..   The fact remains that, we need society. There's bills to pay. People we need to please. Partners we might want to attract. Etc.   Here's some key rules I feel are important not to ignore: - If you belong to a minority group, and it is socially looked down upon ... then your only escape from discrimination is to compensate in other areas of life, such as intellect and social status. Think Alan Turing, or Freddie Mercury ... Chelsea Manning. Nobody makes fun of them. (Well ... Some do, but most don't.) Why? Because they have done something important with their lives, something that benefits the people. - Don't become a walking Encyclopedia. It is not your job to 'educate people' on 'what you are'... unless your life depends on it. A lot of LGBT people do it even when it isn't asked for. - Dress conservatively. This is especially important with transgender people. Dress your gender. This is something even I have struggled with, mainly because I was so broke at one point in my life, I couldn't afford new clothes... I had to buy second hand stuff. Every time I visited my parents, they'd tell me I looked like shit! - As for transgender people, the same rules apply, and more. Ditch laser hair removal, do electrolysis. Less makeup, more moisturizer. Look up Finding Your Female Voice from Andrea James (I might upload it to KopyKate BIG if I can find it...), it's probably the only audio-book on the planet that can actually teach anyone to permanently or temporarily change their voice. It can also be used by voice actors and entertainers. Keep nails short. - Transgender people should delay surgery as much as possible, while starting hormones as soon as possible, if Gender Dysphoria is persistent. It's not a joke being transsexual, it's a serious and irreversible life choice (at least, with present day technology), and the Real World experience is not to be skipped. A minimum of 5-10 years real-life experience is the standard. Not all transsexuals have the complete surgery, some may opt for a simple orchiectomy/masectomy ... while still living life as, and passing as their gender of choice. Everybody's priorities are different, but as I said, you don't know what your priorities are until you've been there and done that. - A condition only becomes a 'mental disorder', if said condition stops you from fully enjoying life. If you are happy with yourself, and you are not a threat to society, then you are not mentally ill. Period. - LGBT people have a higher suicide/depression rate than everybody else. That's mainly because of bullying/discrimination. As I said - the only way to overcome discrimination is with accomplishment and life success. If you find something that really matters to you, something you really care about, and it motivates you to keep going every day, you're already partially immune to depression. Be Chelsea Manning ... or Freddie Mercury, or Alan Turing ... not Caitlyn Jenner!
^6 ^7 2 comments last on Jan 19, 2018 ━ started by missesrobot

Manga / anime about transgenderism

Manga / anime with topic transgenderism... what do you recommend?
^6 ^7 3 comments last on Jan 14, 2018 ━ started by guest1

Transsexual ≠ Gay (and other useful knowledge)

Although the first topic explains this in brief, sometimes people need further clarification. Being MtF transsexual, I'd like to inform lonely or horny gay men: I do not fuck like a bottom or top gay man. My male parts are not useful in my sexual desire. My back door is not for entry. I do not care for cock docking. I'm not the gold standard for transwomen. Nobody is. The point is that I'm not in a sexual buffer region, yet gay men have assumed that. You can't assume how anyone enjoys sex for that matter. I happen to just want to be the girl in bed and only with the right person. If you think your questions to a transexual might be asking for a very personal answer, I understand. It's **intensely** awkward when family members make questions that could only be well answered with details about your sexual body parts, sexual stimuli and how you see yourself (or how you are) having sex. But... when people are afraid to ask a question unlike in the situations above, they're afraid of offending us. ...I'm never offended. If you feel free to ask questions that aren't sexually awkward, I'm beyond ready to answer, because people walk around saying I decided to be transgender to everyone else if they don't learn through me. (transgender isn't a choice, BTW) I'm not a fetish. Porn tagged "tranny," "shemale" or something more sensitive to transsexual women is a fetish. Men and women who have this fetish need to remember that being MtF doesn't mean I'm looking for sex wherever they're horny and it doesn't mean I'm okay with sexual assault, yet these have happened to me. I'm not a valley girl. Maybe the woman looking to cheat on her boyfriend saw that in her sexual fantasy before talking about bananas and meatballs at the same time as she explained how she can see me as a valley girl. I'm not a ditz. I especially despise people who chase me for this shit. Maybe work your way up in knowledge of me without getting pervy or creepy AF and just be casual in asking. This can apply to anyone, even if they're not trans. Again I'm not the gold standard, but here you see there are better approaches to people in general. Being MtF in my case means I'm simply a woman, not gay, not sexually versatile, not easily offended, not a fetish, not sleazy, not creeper bait. It's a piss poor idea to assume otherwise.
^7 ^8 8 comments last on Jan 11, 2018 ━ started by styromaniac

Thoughts on the term "Harry Benjamin Syndrome"?

Personally, I think it's good to advocate this name over the existing options. Lemme give y'all some background why: Historically there was transvestism and transsexualism. These are the names I still personally use, because the new stuff is garbage. Transvestism is when you crossdress and sometimes take on personas/social roles, but without medical transition or dysphoria. While transsexualism is actually changing your sex, having dysphoria, etc. Transvestism has nothing backing it other than it being a paraphilia. Transsexualism has a lot of research behind it, showing it may very well be an intersex condition (my own personal view). Fast forward to modern political movements, and we see transvestism renamed to transgender, specifically to move away from the medical aspects (which is *entirely* what transsexualism is!). It was also to distance it from transsexualism, as the two were often conflated. Transgender/Transsexualism split is a good thing to advocate for, and I do it whenever possible. Restore it back to it's roots. Transsexualism has only recently (like the 90s or so) been lumped under transgender, as a way of co-opting history, narratives, validity, etc. And transsexuals concerns are being erased. You no longer need dysphoria to be transgender (which includes transsexuals). You no longer need medical transition to be transgender. But somehow it's still biological and neurological, and transvestites are "just as much women" as transsexual women! It's insane. So in 1994 "Harry Benjamin Syndrome" was coined to refer back to Harry Benjamin's work. The initial reason it was coined was as a sort of homage and honoring Benjamin, as well as to name ourselves, rather than being assigned a label. Benjamin wrote a lot about how transsexuals are neurologically intersex. Using phrasing like psychic hermaphroditism. His views *also* included transvestites, but as a less severe/intensity than even the lowest intensity transsexual. Dual role transvestites being closer to the middle (as they sometimes get dysphoria). These dual role transvestites are now known as genderfluid, but make no mistake, they're still transvestites as they don't medically transition, and often don't get dysphoria. A bit later, in the 2000's, HBS was repurposed. This time to refer to the 'type 6' on Benjamin's scale. This 'type' was actually part of the historically known typology, and was called 'true transsexualism'. This includes androphilic transsexual women, and gynephilic transsexual men. Whereas the other type was "pseudo" transsexualism; LGB transsexual people. Under the 2000's HBS model, LGB transsexuals were considered autogynephilic. With Benjamin's chart, and modern science we indeed see LGB transsexuals are less cross-sexed than their straight counterparts, but don't correlate 100% with AGP. Reinforcing the intersex model. Under this view you could say: HBS women were born women, and simply correct their body. HBS men were born men, and simply correct their body. HBS people are intersex. HBS people do not change sex, and thus transsexual does not apply. HBS people do not change gender, and thus transgender does not apply. Thoughts?
^1 ^2 5 comments last on Jan 07, 2018 ━ started by kaffie


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