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Welcome holons, this wiki is devoted to the Ƀitnation community. With the participation of the Holons, we want to get people involved to build a true distributed nation.

Create ambassadors and embassies to support the cause of Ƀitnation or participate in the many chats and forums around the nation.

What you can do in Ƀitnation? Ƀitnation is an acumulation of ideas that will emulate the services currenctly used by technologist applied to normail everday documentation like the ones executed by a country. It means that documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, social programs, notary, embassies and any other activity that is traditionally executed by a government, can be considered in Ƀitnation with the validity of the blockchain and the speed of the internet.

Services from Ƀitnation

Ƀitnation is a project that aims to provide government-like services for the people online. From identity documents to notary, resources, and other means that are aligned with the services to create a decentralized nation. In Ƀitnation you could find the following:

  • Ƀitnation Opportunity Network - a Bitnation initiative to provide job opportunities (and other kind) to the Ƀitnation citizens.
  • World Wide Identity document - backed up by the blockchain, the world identity is consider like a passport-like document fully digitized and work as a proof of existent.
  • Ƀitnation ambassador support (BAS) - want to talk about Ƀitnation? Provide information for people that want to get in the nation and work as a politcian to hold conferences and contact other governent officials.
  • Ƀitnation education network (BEN) - Exosphere is an entrepreneurial learning community and problem-solving laboratory
  • Ƀitnation Bitcoin Card (BBC) - Use your bitcoins anywhere thanks to Visa-issued debit cards to process your bitcoins to regular retailers.
  • Ƀitnation Space Agency (BSA) - aims to create and explore open source hardware and software for Do-It-Yourself space exploration, in partnership with SpaceChain Space Agency.
  • Ƀitnation Public Notary - Use the public notary to sign and permanently record your legal documents on the ​blockchain.

Ƀitnation Resources Ƀitnation Constitution aims to add vision and clarify what the nation is about to people around it. It aims to set some core values and serve as a guide for people participating in it.

  • Ƀitnation Bitmessage Channel - you can subscribe to the Ƀitmessage channel: BM-2cSshxKuntMJNXMAZ2qh1cN8HKUcWHerPe
  • Ƀitnation Telegram Channel - you can subscribe to the Telegram channel at: https://telegram.me/bitnationchat
  • Ƀitnation IRC Channel - you can talk with us at Freenode on irc.freenet.net/bitnation
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