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Revolution will be decentralized

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What is our plan?

It's to make sure our society moves into the Revolution by remaining human centric. We want our free will, we want to be able to choose.

But you make traditional politics! Yuk!

Agreed. And that not what we like to do. With such a high rate of asperger computer geeks among us, we know it is not fun to actually meet the crowd. But in Switzerland, this is where you convince people, this is where you show them that there is something great that we can build, without fear. And when you build something so disruptive that people have no clue how to deal with it, here in Switzerland, they call us to tell them what is happening.

Why Swiss Pirates?

In the war for digital liberty, Switzerland remains one of the few places where the law is on your side. Data protection is strong. New ideas can flourish. We are preparing one of the strongholds for our Digital Revolution right here.

But Swiss are slow!

Yes we are, but for a reason. We discuss! We have a long culture of consensus reaching that dates back to the foundations of our country. And as Pirates we can see that this culture is very close to our hacker culture.

Borders are so dead! Forget about the Swissness!

You're right! And this is also how we live. But hey, we did not find a way to teleport our mind in the matrix yet, so we still are bodies stuck in a country.

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