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Offline Zeronet

So I ran a bit of an experiment, I was running zeronet is an offline mode and I noticed that there are some sites that are severly broken in a full offline state. For me it’s a matter of taking the train, but it’s important to note the opperation of a network of communications in the attempt of a full government shutdown, such as the one that was seen in Turkey in 2016.

Zeronet Build Out With Hugo

After going through and working with zeronet for a while, I thought I would share the process for getting a site up and running without the standard, clone site. Hugo, similar to Jekyll, is a fairly good option for doing this kinds of site since they create static sites. I originally went out looking for solutions to create new sites I kept running into the “Get Started Quickly” process provided by the clone site button.

Hello Zeronet

Hello Zeronet! I’ve been interested in the development of a ZeroNet site for a while so this is my first attempt at getting something out into the decentralized web. I’ve been around for a bit, so here are some of the interesting and useful things that I have found floating around ZeroNet for others. Get All Hubs

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