We' re The Official Popcorn Time CE
The one you love!

The only one maintained by the best community ever .

We're Professionals
and here is why

all of our members are qualified in their fields,from coding to webdesign we have them all, we're also alert, solution focused and we always share our knowledge.

We're crazy
MPAA & Netflix We love you! #NOT

We're crazy because we are bringing the fight to companies like Netflix and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) we also like to make fun of them now and then.

We're Passionate
and available when you need us.

We are driven by a passion for Freedom and of course Popcorn!. We see our Community edition as a lasting project that our users can depend on for years to come.

We're Creative
and we love to do things different

Our project has always been the place where you can give your creativity free reign, we actively demand and support freedom in creative development!

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