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The Vagina

My ZeroBlog.

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so as you can see, vagina is growing

on Jun 04, 2016 ·
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yes, it is growing.

vagina will be an agressively growing entreprise. more to come, soon. stay tuned.

here are some projects Vagina is working on -

  • Vagina health care
  • Vagina software and games
  • Vagina media and communications
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Vagina English

on Jun 04, 2016

certain issues -

  • sound effect is critical, we need sound to make it work well
  • beautiful teacher has to be recruited.
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this idea might work, if taught by a teacher like her.....oh......

on Jun 03, 2016 ·

i love her, let her be the english teacher.

who has her contact humber? i would like talk to her to become the Vagina English CEO and head teacher.

just imagine the logo i could design out of her vagina.....man, oh, so great....beyond my language and manhood

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english is hot....what if we start a english training company named Vagina English?

on Jun 03, 2016

just a ugly thought. but it might work here on zero, why not?

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Should vaginas somehow be better managed?

on May 26, 2016

well, that is an open source question. the big challenge is the lack of quality vaginas probably throughout the world.

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This is the place to get started; how come? I will show you.

on May 25, 2016

Why I say for Chinese the right place to start modernize is the Vagina? Here are some starting thoughts -

  1. vagina in Chinese (I mean language) is fucking bad tasting; i think we mostly agree vagina is a beautiful thing and desirable place to be; but in Chinese, its word does not lend any sense of beauty; sounds more like a sink where the sewage goes; that is fucking wrong;
  2. it is getting redculously difficult for Chinese to date a Chinese; why? probably too many men and too few beautiful women and some of the most beautiful women here love white people; so what should we do? vagina is a problem! without that man can never be confident and stay focused; work, life, modernation of the country will be in jeopardy;
  3. without good vagina, where come the enough next generations to compete with all these crazy people from around the world?
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on May 31, 2015

Your zeronet blog has been successfully created!

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