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Blog of Interesting

Your homepage on ZeroNet. All interesting things are listed on Site of Interesting.
All news about the site are posted in this blog.

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Site is ready

on Aug 01, 2018 ·

When browsing ZeroNet, I saw lots of interesting things, but I could not find a list for this. Then I started developing Site of Interesting yesterday.

Site of Interesting is a repository/list with interesting posts/books/zites/services/apps on ZeroNet.

It now have a menu, and the list with View/Hide buttons to make the design clear:

s1.png (1365x767)s2.png (1365x767)s3.png (1365x767)s4.png (1365x767)s5.png (1365x767)s6.png (1365x456)s7.png (1365x767)​​​​​​​s8.png (1365x767)s9.png (1365x767)

Added Contact (no info added yet because I'm not connected to Internet to create my ZeroID/ZeroMail/ZeroMe) and Donation heading:

contactdonate.png (623x263)

Todo list (will be uploaded to Nullpaste or Git Center's issues):

todolist.png (365x357)

Also added those pages: "Needed sites on ZeroNet" and "Other sites I'm developing":

neededsites.png (829x663)projects1.png (1365x767)projects2.png (1365x767)projects3.png (1365x767)projects4.png (1365x767)projects5.png (1365x767)​​​​​​​

My suggestions for existing zites (I'll move it to Git Center as issues):

suggestions1.png (1365x767)suggestions2.png (1365x767)suggestions3.png (1365x579)

And the blog:

blog.png (1365x767)

I'll create a Git Center's repo for this site, and I welcome all for donations and contributions on git.

Thank you for your reading, and I'm very pleased if the Site of Interesting is useful for you.

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on Jul 31, 2018

To receive updates, please don't forget to click the Follow button in the blog.

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