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USSR-Russia. 1988-2018


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1994-2018. Grozny. Chechnya.

on Jan 20, 2018 · 1 min read

It will take a long story to break through a thick layer of mythology.

huge.jpeg (814x643)

Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union was very weak. The USSR was, in fact, a confederation of independent states. Therefore, when the power weakened, it easily fell apart. Russia is also a composite state, a federation of several republics. When the republics of which the USSR was made became independent, the tendencies towards separatism also began in the republics of Russia. Especially, after Yeltsin said - "Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow." The Chechen Republic was extremely nationalistic, they did not like Russians, and it almost immediately gained not legal but actual independence. Alas, but one independence is not enough to feed and rally people. Chechnya actively cultivated a Russian image of the enemy. Ethnic cleansing began. Russians were killed, expelled from the republic, taken into slavery, publicly executed. Exact numbers will no longer be ever, but it is believed that in Chechnya at that time of genocide, about 30,000 Russians were killed. And another 200,000 Russians fled to Russia, leaving homes and property. But Russia was so weak that it did not do anything even after such events.

But this was not enough. And Chechnya began to attack neighboring regions and commit acts of terrorism in Russia itself. In 1994, Russia tried to bring order in Chechnya by force. Unfortunately, almost all Soviet weapons in the territory of Chechnya went to the militants. All of them under the USSR passed military training. Their commander, Dzhokhar Dudayev, was an experienced Soviet general. And so the war was very close on equal terms. Here is a photograph of what Grozny turned into after the Chechen troops were defeated.

maxresdefault__1_.jpg (1280x720)

Two Chechen wars continued from 1994 to 2000. In 2000, Chechen troops and gangs, in general, were defeated. And the pro-Russian government was brought to power. The process of restoration of the region began. This then for many years caused much resentment among Russian nationalists. Their favorite slogan for many years: "Enough to feed Chechnya!" But the result is on the face. The terrorist attacks in Russia have practically ceased, and Grozny today looks like this:

119ssii.jpg (1200x699)

city.jpg (1200x801)

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user_name1 day ago
heliumon Feb 13, 2018

When the Dzhokhar Dudayev served in the Soviet military, he served in Estonia, in Tartu. As of 2018 the house in Tartu, where his office resided, is a hotel. In Estonia he is considered to be a hero, who fought for his people.

The lable that describes the history of the house, where Tudayev worked, is "hidden" in the inner wall of the Hotel main entry.

An article about the Tudayev:

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