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USSR-Russia. 1988-2018


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1988. Contest "Moscow beauty"

on Jan 20, 2018 · less than 1 min read

I'll start with pictures to draw attention :):)

1988 was the year when the USSR still seemed inviolable, but the processes of its reorganization were already in full swing. The iron curtain collapsed and Western values poured into the USSR. Cinema, literature, TV shows, beauty contests ... It was in 1988 in the USSR that mass beauty contests began at all levels, from local clubs to the official state level :)

Lenin_na_pervom_konkurse_krasoty_v_SSSR_1988_god_4.jpg (674x910)

1988. Contest "Moscow beauty"

Moskovskaya-krasavitsa-88-1.jpg (938x864)

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