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USSR-Russia. 1988-2018


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Over the past 30 years, Russia has gone through a very difficult path. There are few people in the world who imagine this process. And not only in the West, but many people forget this already in Russia itself. Also, very many who knew Russia only in the 1990s, are judged on it for that period. In American forums, I tried to illustrate this path with individual photographs that most emphatically emphasize the changes that are taking place. Without any specific logic and not in time sequence. In the calculation for a long process :) To work is not wasted, decided to multiply it in some other forums and fix it "forever" in ZeroNet :) The ease of cloning blogs and clearly expressed themes directly dictate the institution for this task of a separate blog :)

I hope someone will be interested. Do not hesitate to comment.

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Nikolskaya street

on Jul 18, 2018

Nikolskaya street (Moscow) in the 1990's and how it looks in these years.

photo_2018-06-22_15-31-51.jpg (960x638)5346790.jpg (1200x800)​​​​​​​

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Campground near the Kremlin walls

on Jul 18, 2018

Campground near the Kremlin walls, 1990

photo_2018-05-23_13-16-22.jpg (800x572)

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on Feb 04, 2018

Another place where the changes were very bright. School. Soviet schools were quite utilitarian in comparison with modern schools. But there were a lot of them. Even many small or inaccessible villages had their own schools. When I went to rural school in 1980, there were 7 students with me in my class. In the classroom, which was three years older than mine, there were only two girls. The whole class is two people :) It was practically individual training :D In cities, of course, there were also large classes, in some cases up to 30-40 students. Schools were considered a very safe place. Children already in the first class went to school from home independently, sometimes for several kilometers. And parents did not worry that something bad could happen to their child. Fences around schools were purely symbolic. And often absent at all.

After the beginning of perestroika, and by the time of the collapse of the USSR, the situation has changed a lot. In schools, began to appear drug addiction, crime, alcoholism. I already did not find this period, because I graduated from school in 1990. But, of course, I've heard a lot about this period from relatives and friends who studied at school at this time or whose children were studying there. And my mother is a teacher.

Then, education in Russia underwent a major alteration. Schools became much smaller in number, but they became larger. Around the schools appeared fences. At the entrance to the school sits guard. Especially after Beslan, when the Chechens attacked the school, which resulted in the death of more than 300 children. In recent years, schools have undergone serious repairs, re-equipment with the latest equipment. But the main trouble is the very low prestige of teachers. Low salaries of teachers, low social status. This is a very big problem for modern Russia.

Soviet schools looked like this in 1988:

1.09.1988-1024.jpg (1024x803)

image053.jpg (1200x850)

And this is what my rural school looks like today:

DUF0zBtX0AAyG8c.jpg (1200x675)

Schools look much better today than in the USSR. But here the level of education has become noticeably weaker :-/

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1992-2017. Moscow

on Jan 20, 2018 ·
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Perhaps, while I take a pause, so that all this my work does not disappear, I will save this material as a separate blog in Darknet (ZeroNet). I'll continue later. I hope this is interesting :) Lastly, two photos. Moscow in 1992 and Moscow in 2017 (again, my personal photo).

38fd4959652096cef922f4f7df6d0f75.jpg (720x479)

20170812_160416.jpg (1200x675)

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1991. Putsch.

on Jan 20, 2018

And this is just a photograph without a deep background :) 1991 year. The failure of the putsch of the State Emergency Committee, which tried to preserve the USSR. On the plate the slogan: "Down with the CPSU!"

06-4371520-13.jpg (800x582)

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1994-2018. Grozny. Chechnya.

on Jan 20, 2018 · 1 min read ·
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It will take a long story to break through a thick layer of mythology.

huge.jpeg (814x643)

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1990. The refugee camp near Red Square.

on Jan 20, 2018 · less than 1 min read

But, just two years later. 1990 year. The refugee camp near Red Square.

20121221103319316.jpg (700x465)

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1988. Contest "Moscow beauty"

on Jan 20, 2018 · less than 1 min read

I'll start with pictures to draw attention :):)

1988 was the year when the USSR still seemed inviolable, but the processes of its reorganization were already in full swing. The iron curtain collapsed and Western values poured into the USSR. Cinema, literature, TV shows, beauty contests ... It was in 1988 in the USSR that mass beauty contests began at all levels, from local clubs to the official state level :)

Lenin_na_pervom_konkurse_krasoty_v_SSSR_1988_god_4.jpg (674x910)

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