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aDTN -- anonymous delay-tolerant networking

This is a Wiki about aDTN, a wireless protocol which features paranoid-grade anonymity and censorship resistance.

What can it do?

aDTN implements an "automated sneakernet"-like network protocol on mobile devices and has following features:

  • only friends can exchange data directly (authentication is ensured cryptographically)
  • no user can determine the original sender of a packet (unless the sender wishes to be known)
  • since there are no addresses, the intended recipient of a packet is also unknown - actually, anyone can receive it
    • but if the payload is confidential, then it can be encrypted for the intended recipient and no one else will know who that is
  • a constant sending rate prevents timing attacks by non-friends
  • perfectly random-looking packets prevent non-friends from tracking packets over the network

Since it uses a store-carry-and-forward approach, aDTN cannot be used for real time applications such as streaming, but it can be used for local chatting, for example.

Additional info:


So far I have a python library for linux, which I am using to test network performance. It works, but I am planning to introduce some performance improvements in the near future.

Additionally, there is an android messaging app being developed. It still requires some work, and works for some phones, but not all. It allows users to publish public messages anonymously and to send private messages. File sharing and chat rooms are planned for the future (but I need a hand from Android developers).


If you have questions or want to help, feel free to contact megfault here on ZeroNet via ZeroMail or send her a bitmessage to the address BM-2cTBr98R7yRycQUih6WvvAQwTvRdc1VbHu.

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