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Welcome to ZeroCuts

The ZeroCuts team is made up of several members all with over 10 years in the business of selling drugs, specialising in cocaine, heroin mdma, ecstasy and cannabis flower. In this time we have got the connections for some of the highest quality product around with no cuts, any impurities are from production. We test all our product and if it comes back as too low of purity or contaminated we return it, except cannabis which is always tested by us and from sources who grow it properly and put every bit of care into production so is also of a high standard. Over our time doing this we have gained a lot of experience both selling face to face and through the post, we have now decided to sell primarily indirectly from now on and decided to create a site to gain more custom as before it was all through word of mouth. This is our first venture selling online and we hope to make it a fruitful venture for ourselves and our customers

We decided that we would use zeronet as we believe in a decentralized online ecosystem and also that it would make us harder to locate and impossible to take down unlike websites that use the tor network. It is our hope that other vendors will start to use zeronet or another decentralized system network and take reliance off of servers, hosting companies and censorship.

Contact us (using PGP pgp help) via email: secmail (requires tor browser) or

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