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ZeroNet+ (Plus)

^2 ^3 daniell posted on Aug 19, 2018
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balancer73on Sep 11, 2018 ^1 ^2

Only the title of the topic says nothing. Do not be lazy to post a description.


Do you want to easily enable/disable your plugins and install new ones?

Custom download folders, decentralized updates, better ZeroHello page, new domain extensions and live streamming are missing features?

ZeroNet+ and its plugin are developed to achieve those and other features.

Note: ZeroNet+ is in an early development stage, and its plugin isn't developed yet.


Download ZeroNet+, open it and link your ZeroNet folder in the app.

ZeroNet+ app will do the rest of the huge work, communicating with zites in this form: zite > plugin > ZeroNet+ | ZeroNet+ > plugin > zite.

ZeroNet+ isn't released yet.

Features (as from the last build)

  • Splashscreen
  • Start screen for first installation, asking for choose where ZeroNet is installed, then link the folder in the app
  • Home screen, showing ZeroNet+ version, and a terminal with available commands: -help, -settings, -change (to change the location of installed ZeroNet), -clear, -version, -reload
  • Settings screen, where can change the location of installed ZeroNet

Upcomming features (in the next build)

  • New ZeroHello page
  • Splashscreen in HTML
  • Terminal in HTML
  • Settings in HTML
  • Built-in essential zites: Docs, Zirch, TW, Zmedium, Kiwi, Kopy, zvoat, peeper, zmail, ztalk, etc
  • Settings: install built-in zites
  • Tab menu in settings
  • Terminal: hacker theme
  • System tray icon
  • Plugins page
  • Detect if /data folder doesn't exists, then run ZeroNet
  • Can run/detect ZeroNet on Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Settings: autostart ZeroNet with this app
  • Show ZeroNet's version

Major features (in the upcomming builds)

  • Look for updates on GitHub/P2P
  • Built-in CDN
  • Communication: Plugin/App
  • File download
  • New ZeroHello page
  • Plugin Store
  • Addresscoin (.www domains)
  • Download videos from YouTube and other video sites
  • LiveStream (audio/video and other data)
  • And more...
daniellon Aug 21, 2018 ^1 ^2


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