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KopyKate BIG v0.2.0 RELEASED - Video sharing platform for ZeroNet

KopyKate BIG v0.2.0 Released

  • Added video manager (videoBox)
  • Added video editor
  • Improved, fully-dynamic navigation and searching
  • Improved mobile CSS
  • Site written from scratch using easy-to-read coffeescript (it is not a clone of ZeroUp, but both use big files.)

Beware of clones of this zite claiming to be the creators and asking for donations.
KopyKate BIG will never ask you for donations. If you want to throw money away, please donate to the creators of ZeroNet at https://ZeroNet.io/

If you like the site, please remember to star KopyKate BIG at ZeroSites under the Video/Image category (not the WebTorrent version in Services!).

More renovation work to come. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

^3 ^4 missesrobot posted on Dec 24, 2017
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Site's real address is currently this:

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