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KopyKate - YouTube alternative for ZeroNet


view on ZeroNet!

Change Log:


  • Improved player CSS.
  • Changed admin e-mail.
  • Added option to either upload instant webseed or upload torrent.
  • (NEW - Katy-Torrent WebTorrent client under development. See below!)



KopyKate is a ZeroNet site; it is an alternative to YouTube, but instead of hosting videos on webservers, it uses decentralized databases in order to store magnet links for videos, and then uses WebTorrent in order to stream them. Note that WebTorrent (WebRTC) and BitTorrent use two different protocols, and the videos can only be seeded by clients made specifically for WebTorrent (e.g. WebTorrent Desktop). Users also have the option to upload webseeds to a CORS-enabled webserver. This allows torrents to temporarily use a backup file from an HTTP server, until enough peers are available!

view on GitHub!


NEW - KatyTorrent WebTorrent client



Contact on ZeroNet: @ realkittykate
Contact on e-mail: kopykate@protonmail.com

^2 ^3 realkittykate posted on Oct 10, 2017
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ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Mar 18, 2019 ^1 ^2

New site (with big file support) address is currently

mari0on Oct 13, 2017 ^1 ^2

it's hard to take off with distributed version of anything if seeds disappear completely when they leave your webapp.
It's about why we have ZeroNet as a daemon, not a site with WebTorrent.
Keeping a tab open just to seed some content in P2P web would be a PITA, this kind of thing should be going on in background, which WebTorrent in browser can't provide, but IPFS/ZeroNet daemon in the background definitely can.

realkittykateon Oct 13, 2017 ^1 ^2

Now that I think about it, the best approach would probably be to have a WebTorrent / ZeroMux hybrid. I just don't like the idea of having my site folder overloaded with bulky .mp4's.. especially on the Proxy.. but then, it could probably serve as a seedbox more than anything.

I'll be sure to experiment with this.

realkittykateon Oct 13, 2017 ^1 ^2

mari0: Wouldn't KopyKate be better off using new big files feature in ZeroNet?

I have yet to see an app that can beat WebTorrent. You can even go to Kopykate.ga on any android phone and watch videos on it without having ZeroNet installed.. and videos are seeded as you watch them.


ZeroMux also has the same bug as WebTorrent; video streaming doesn't work on Chrome. This bug was fixed on KopyKate by redirecting the user to a torrent player/client outside of ZeroNet, which is basically the same thing as having a third party torrent client.

So at the moment, I see no benefit in re-writing the code if it's practically gonna work the same way. WebTorrent feels a lot more plug-and-play to me.. and is pretty versatile.

mari0on Oct 12, 2017 ^1 ^2

Wouldn't KopyKate be better off using new big files feature in ZeroNet?

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