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StarGate - An IPFS sharing and viewing zeronet site

^2 ^3 xialvjun posted on Jan 10, 2019
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xialvjunon Jan 11, 2019 ^1 ^2


xialvjunon Jan 11, 2019 ^1 ^2
  1. This site is just an ipfs hash sharing site. You upload file to IPFS and get a hash, then you share this hash with a name to StarGate. Two user can share a same ipfs hash, but with two different names and descriptions.
  2. User can only delete those hashes he/she shared. You can not delete hashes shared by others. Well, it's indeed a bug that you can see the pencil icon on the hash which is not shared by you. There is nothing to do with VOTE.
  3. Maybe in the future, I'll let the user to evaluate the health of a hash and comment on hash. That needs development.
  4. Downloading a hash which is a directory is useless. I don't know if there is api in IPFS gateway server to download a directory as a zip file.
ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Jan 10, 2019 ^1 ^2

@xialvjun This is interesting new project. Seems similar to ZeroTorrent and i think it has same issue. Majority of indexed torrents/IPFS files will not be available/seeded as time will go and there is no decentralized mechanism to automatically remove long time unseeded files. But StarGate apparently allows any user to remove content of other users.

Question is can i remove the entry if the IPFS is unable to download file for me due to lack of peers? Is it just temporary lack of peers or it will never get peers?
If user is allowed to remove any content, site is vulnerable to be emptied if someone is bored and create some removal bot.

You can improve the site by using bigger icons that are more easily accessible or showing the hash right in search results for quicker accessibility, maybe even make hash clickable for copying to clipboard easily.

After copying there will be countdown timer creating cookie. And if user sees he is unable to download content for lets say 5 minutes, he can vote for dead file. If there are 2 votes from 2 users, file gets deleted?

Show the number of indexed hashes. limit number of results shown.
When i click download icon next to a file, the Firefox 64 developer console shows:
Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmYwAPJzv5CZsnA625s3Xf2nemtYgPpHdWEz79ojWnPbdG (“frame-src”).

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