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To login, one have to download PeerMessage plugin and after extracting to the plugins folder (on Windows in ZeroNet/core/plugins/) restart Zeronet. More info.

^6 ^7 gitcenter posted on Sep 02, 2018
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gitcenteron Sep 02, 2018 ^1 ^2

ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: I click chess, it says: "Please wait till someone wants to play." [...]

Sounds like a good idea.

ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Sep 02, 2018 ^2 ^3

I click chess, it says: "Please wait till someone wants to play."

Idea/suggestion @gitcenter : it may be important to add some looping sound on this page, once i connect other player, so i am reminded i need to switch to this tab and play? Otherwise people will be bored, because even after connecting, other player, the other player will not play because he will be on another tab not aware connection was established.

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