this ZeroMe hub (GigaByteHub) was cloned by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk(@zeroid.bit) from SunHub.
The user quota was raised from 60KB to 100GB. Purpose was to allow users not to worry about any limits imposed by many hubs.
If you want to help this hub, open the (0) menu in the corner, scroll down and click Download and help distribute all files.
There was also enabled additional identity authorities beside ZeroID.bit (see all the modifications here)

As a sidenote, currently Zeronet users have no option to change hub once they join one. Though if you decide to do it using experimental tools or manual modifications, backup your ZeroNet directory first (while ZeroNet is stopped) and then you may try ZeroMe Unfuck, but its developer warns that doing so, you will loose all uploaded images and other users will probably not see your previous posts.

To browse content on GigaByteHub, use ZeroMe or its clones.

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