.bit Domain Name Registration Service for ZeroNet

ZeroMail or zeronetdomainname@riseup.net If you don't have any namecoins or don't want to wait for the time it takes to download gigabytes of data, I can help.

You'll need to wrestle with strings like this:


and even

{ "zeronet": { "": "1EU1tbG9oC1A8jz2ouVwGZyQ5asrNsE4Vr", "subdomain": "1BLogC9LN4oPDcruNz3qo1ysa133E9AGg8", "subdomain2": "1TaLk3zM7ZRskJvrh3ZNCDVGXvkJusPKQ" } }

I either do this for your or guide your through it.

I'd look for the going rate of a NameCoin (around £1 or $1.30) in any cryptocurrency you have - I'll then check the name for you, register it and ensure it points towards your ZeroNet site. Obviously I'll hand over the private keys and also provide any technical support you might need.

Either use the ZeroMail service and contact wsmythe, contact me by email at zeronetdomainname@riseup.net
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