so apparently the beaker browser sort of has the own version of zero me called Rotonde how ever in order to get seeders you must upload it to hashbase or give people your dat address its also not very user friendly well at lest you can edit and delete posts unlike patchwork how ever i do find both projects very interesting


so now that nullchan is pretty much dead theres a new project called millchan thats still in the works at the moment you can only black list user boards and create board but the dev is plaining on adding more suff later down the road heres a link to the site


whats your favorite drink

wonder what do you guys like to drink beer wise im more of a apple flavored beer guy like wood chuck but form time to time i will drink a Budwiser or some thing like it im not really a big drinker tho i only drink like 2 beers once a month

i've be always interested in the Infinite Monkey Protocol

i wonder how that protocol (IMPS) could be implemented even tho its sort of a April fools joke maybe make link a row of computers with some sort of simple AI software and they sort of share the work load and have the critic be some sort of debuger
link to RFC

I came across my super old blog

after some digging around i was able to find the blog i made on zeronet back in 2015 witch is when i first joined zeronet i think im surprised that there are people still seeding it its no longer being updated but if you want to look at it theres the link clickme

Some thing odd

every time i update my blog it would say theres a file missing but there are 2 people seeding it and when i fix it then it says there is no one seeding it there must be some sort of connection problem but my ports are open i don't know what it could possibly be

to Zerome or not to that is the question

so after wile of using zerome i wonder to my self was it worth using zerome or would i better of if i just skip to making a zero blog and not bothered with it in the first place or should i have just ran away from zeronet all together and never come back to it ever again and stuck with freenet or i2p

My Text board

so im currently running a text board on a raspberry pi what do mean by text board you may ask well its a site like 4chan only there are no images how ever you can still use things like markdown to embed hyberlinks you can also use trip codes if you really wanted to but for now im not going to give you the link to my site because i haven't enabled the spam bot protection yet and i dont feel like messing with my site again but if you really want the address badly just send me a message on Zeromail


oh Great monkey in the sky i alway wonder why you can not fly yet there you are up in the sky but the real question i would like to ask my self is why im even writing out this nonsense i must be really board out of my mind and why am i talking about monkeys im a rabbit that should be doing rabbit related things not babing about baboons or chimps


sorry guys i was unable to update my old blog so i had to make a new site and start from scratch my private key had changed on me so i was unable to sign and publish it so i made new site using a different bloging platform i just wish the text editor was a bit more user friendly but its nothing i cant wrap my head around its also phone friendly so you will have no problem viewing this site on your mobile device
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