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Muslim-Owned Eatery Offers Free Food To Anyone Who Needs It

The sign outside Marché Ferdous, written in English and French, offers free food to those with no money.

A small restaurant is giving with a big heart.

Marché Ferdous, a Muslim-owned eatery in Montreal, hands out free meals to anyone who is hungry and can’t afford to pay. And it does this entirely based on good faith.

“We do not ask any questions, we do not judge people,” co-owner Yahya Hashemi told Global News. “They want to eat, [we] give them the food. That’s it, that’s all.”

Hashemi and his staff came up with the idea in the fall of 2015 after noticing a large number of homeless people in the neighborhood. The staff figured that instead of giving those individuals spare change, they would offer them a free warm meal.
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My Muslim Sons Will Never Learn to Hate People

Habeebie Saif,

I remember when you realized that you were a Muslim. You were tiny. You were sweet and round and friendly. It was at an event at school. Your schools so far have been English-language curriculum schools, and the student body came from more than 100 nationalities. One day the students had to identify their religion, and you came back “aware” of your religious identity. You took this identity very seriously. You began to ask me what you “had to do” to be a Muslim. I explained as best as I could the simple steps of knowing that the big Guy in the sky, who created the world, was really called Allah, and that hundreds of years ago, he had sent us his Messenger Mohammed with the Quran. I told you that we prayed five times a day, and I reminded you of Ramadan, when we would not eat all day until the evening.

Soon you were coming back from school telling me what I had to do to be a “good Muslim.” It seems your Arabic teacher and his colleague, your religious studies teacher, had a better idea of what being a Muslim meant. You became a little aggressive, and I began to realize that your mother and I were not the only ones bringing you up. I saw that we had competition for your attention. I panicked a little. I had images of you running away to Syria to fight in a war where people would exploit your good nature. I imagined you cutting yourself off from us, your family, because we were not strict enough Muslims according to the standards that you had picked up from these so-called teachers of yours. I had the urge to go to your school and punch them and tell them they had no right to teach you these things.
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Forgiveness is strength

Asma Jama.

Generally speaking, I’m lousy at forgiveness. At any given moment, I’m holding tight to a grudge or two, and there’s always another in my mind’s on-deck circle. As a Sunday school kid, I endured countless yawn-inducing sermons about turning the other cheek, and while I understood why I should, I also knew I never would. There was never a convincing reason why forgiving those who’d trespassed against me seemed preferable to a vendetta burning like an eternal flame.

Then I read Asma Jama’s story.

In a Minnesota courtroom last week, Jama forgave Jodie Burchard-Risch, who smashed a beer mug in Jama’s face at a restaurant in October 2015. Burchard-Risch was upset that Jama was speaking Swahili to her own family and demanded that she speak English. When Jama refused, Burchard-Risch assaulted her.
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People of all faiths celebrate Xmas at Miri church

Multi-racial gathering: The guests smiling for a group picture before sharing a festive meal at the Good Shepherd Church in Miri.

MIRI: Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs came together in a joint festive celebration at Lutong bazaar where a church and mosque are located next to each other.

The Christmas gathering yesterday, held in the grounds of the Good Shepherd Church, highlighted the harmony and solidarity among the people of Miri, where the joint celebration is a unique tradition.
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Muslim teen in NYC chases down assailant of Orthodox Jewish woman

Muslim teen in NYC chases down assailant of Orthodox Jewish woman

A Muslim teen from New York City helped police catch a homeless man who hit an Orthodox Jewish woman on the subway.

Ahmed Khalifa, 17, told the New York Daily News about the incident aboard a Brooklyn-bound train Tuesday.
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Reporting while Muslim: how I covered the US presidential election

Sabrina Siddiqui - Reporting while Muslim: how I covered the US presidential election

“We should exterminate them.”

The words rolled off the voter’s tongue as though he was merely discussing a pest invasion in his home. He was talking about Muslims.

I froze as I became suddenly aware of my own Muslim identity, my long hair just barely covering my necklace that bears the name of Allah in Arabic scripture.
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'Muslims for Peace': Islam group letterboxes Hobart to counter One Nation, Reclaim Australia

Leaflets proclaiming Muslim loyalty to Australia and adherance to local laws have been dropped at Hobart residences.

A group of Muslims has delivered leaflets to houses in Hobart in an effort to reducing hatred and ignorance directed towards their faith.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community have posted the material, titled 'Muslims for Loyalty' and 'Muslims for Peace', across Hobart suburbs.
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UK's first Muslim astronaut aims to put focus on mental health

Hussain Manawer’s public profile has soared since he won the competition

For most people who go into space it is a dream come true, but for the man set to be the UK’s first Muslim astronaut his priority is making the world a better place.

Hussain Manawer, 25, from Ilford, Essex, is due to blast off in 2018 after seeing off thousands of other entrants from more than 90 countries in a competition.
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Iraq's Muslims celebrate Christmas in solidarity with Christians

A Christmas tree outside a shopping centre in Baghdad's Karrada district Getty

A tall, glittering tree erected outside a shopping centre in Baghdad could be considered an incongruous display of Christmas festivity in mainly-Muslim Iraq. But the 7-metre-high tree at Sama Mall in the south east of the capital, adorned with tinsel, stars and bells, is one of a number of decorations put up by residents and business owners in solidarity with the country’s Christian minority.
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Muslim choir girls sing Arabic Christmas carols in touching video from Beirut

The December concert is one of several the girls performed in in the run-up to Christmas
Footage captured at a December concert in the Lebanese capital warms hearts all over the world.

Footage of a Muslim girls’ choir singing Christmas carols at a church concert has emerged from from the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

The ensemble of around 40 girls can be seen in a video singing ‘Silent Night’ in Arabic at St Elie Greek Catholic Church, located in a majority Muslim neighbourhood of the city.
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