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Local Lunarpunk here,
spreading hope in a
dystopian world.

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on Nov 04, 2018


Listen I know you all think I’m obsessed with vampires and someone might tell me “ghani you can’t actually put vampires in everything” but fuck you ur not my mom so here’s my idea: solarpunk/lunarpunk with vampires??

How would vampires live in a more sustainable future? If they exist, will it mean that they have trouble surviving? Since their history is so greatly tied to decadence and a very romantic and sometimes bourgeois lifestyle, what would change about their aesthetic and their outlook in a far less or completely anti-capitalist society? How would humans view them?

I wanna write about this sooooo bad!

Sure vampires can like the finer things in life but look under the surface and you’ll see not everything is what it seems. Lunarpunk vampires helped fuel the resistance to bring about about a lunarpunk world. They helped the humans by ushering them into their old mansions and teaching them what they learned over the centuries about survival and rebuilding. When asked why they’ve decided to help, they always give the same reply. “Some vampires squandered their money soon after their death and gave the appearance of luxury. But you can’t take money with you to the grave. …”

Now that a lunarpunk society has been established, vampires have been accepted as part of human society. They teach in universities at night and hold memorials for collective grieving over the plants and animals people no longer remember once existed. And those who would die too soon are given another option… They are our teachers, our collective memory, and our healers.

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