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BitcoinLite - Scrypt PoW

Public ZeroNet Hash: 17KFJWFsj5JpZx9xoi8tLB5ohwzQrxjcDw

Public Namecoin Registry Domain:  bitcoinlite.bit

This coin is made for those who don't want to take part of the BitcoinCore and Bitcoin Cash hardfork drama, and the upcoming Segwit2x, etc.

This is also a fresh start, a new genesis blockchain using scrypt algorithm.

This coin is decentralized, and distributed through ZeroNet.

For those who see this as an opportunity, you may support the coin by mining it. Genesis block created on 10/01/2017 03:02 and supported by early users.

Order type paid
Algorithm Scrypt
Type PoW
Coin name BitcoinLite
Coin abbreviation BTL
Address letter L
RPC port 23960
P2P port 23959
Block reward 50 coins
Block halving 210,000 blocks
Total coin supply 21,000,000 coins (21 Million)

Coinbase maturity 100 blocks
Target spacing 1 minutes
Target timespan 60 minutes
Transaction confirmations 6 blocks

BitcoinLite Windows Wallet
BitcoinLite Linux Wallet
BitcoinLite Linux Daemon
BitcoinLite Source

Github Source:

Donate BitcoinLite: Lf9oysnSfjacFsnyEfMXhEde9G5ap5rddJ

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