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List only stuff that you payed directly with Bitcoin. That means the value transfer was in Bitcoin. The motivation is to demonstrate to new people how useful crypto currency can be in the real world. The first question is always where it can be spent. There are great sites like CoinMap that show where one could spend. But I want to collect here places where people actually took advantage and did spend.

OK to list here:

  • The recipient keeps the BTC for later spending or for holding long time.
  • The recipient instantly converted to Fiat, e.g using a service such as bitpay.

Not OK to list here:

  • You used a Visa debit card that is backed by Bitcoin
  • You payed the bill with Bitwala, and the merchant received FIAT

The important part is that the merchant knowingly accepted Bitcoin.

Try to keep the order roughly descending in value.

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